Monday, September 13, 2010

Sporty things

We've come to the determination that K-'s breaking away from the gene pool was not such a bad thing for her in regards to her athletic ability.

Girlfriend throws herself into any sport that she tries. 

We put her into gymnastics at the Little Gym from the ages of 2 - 5.  She rolled, tumbled, flipped and balanced.  In the end, she qualified for their special "invitation only" gymnastics class.  We didn't do it, because it was only available one day a week-- Wednesdays at 2 PM.  Still, it was a nice feather for her athletic cap.  I kept the invitation so that she knows how well she did.

She has been in swimming from the ages of 4 - 6.  She paddles, floats, strokes and does everything asked of her.  Truly, the child has more of a swimmer or soccer player build.  We bank on either one for her.

And yes.  There is soccer.  Grant you, the child has had no formal training.  Believe me when we saw her on the field for the first time, you could tell.  She ran the wrong way, had trouble dribbling the ball, didn't realize that you could actually be out-of-bounds.  Today, her second day of soccer, she showed great improvement.  I mean, the child isn't going to go out there and be accepted on the Olympic team right now, but she's got some mad skills. 

Hubs did some sports while growing up.  He lovingly refers to himself as the "third string water boy."  He did football, but warmed the bench.  I believe that there was some Little League, too.  As he didn't excel at sports at a younger age, he enjoys lifting weights and running.  He does very well.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago people kept poking him and hugging him.  I told him that they wanted to see if his muscles really are real. 

Then there is me.  I have not a lick of athletic ability whatsoever.  The running thing?  Yup.  I don't do that unless I'm on fire and even then, I hear you aren't supposed to.  Okay, I should retract the not whatsoever part.  The only sport that I was actually any good at was volleyball.  That was the only sport that when teams were chosen in school, people actually picked me before the very last one.  (Being the very last one, often the team would fight because they were stuck with me.) 

Athletic stuff?  It didn't come from us. 

Smiles in my week off:
-  A gorgeous kitchen floor.
-  Appliances plugged back in.
-  Hubs survived the falafel fall out and has decided that as far as dietary experiments go with his digestiveness, he will not repeat that again.  Never mind that I told him that I thought it was a bad idea to begin with.  I admire the attempt, though.
-  The monarch program that we attended on Saturday.  More on that later.
-  The weather was nice enough to walk all week last week.  The temp went from 94 on Tuesday to 70 on Friday.  Talk about a bit of a shift, but I'm happy to hear the songs of the night critters again. 
-  Though the pictures are in my phone, K- won first place with her little plate of cherry tomatoes at her school's Garden Fair.  She grew the plant from seed herself from one of the Lowe's Build and Grow clinics back in May.  When we went to the building clinic this weekend, we told Mr. Mike and he was thrilled.  Miss Patti was the one to oversee the project and he said that he'd pass the good word on. 
-  A fantastic Chinese restaurant up the street that was our source for dinner for a few nights while the kitchen was out of order.
-  The big water main break in town is not on our line, so we're good.  Not that I'm happy that a main broke, but I'm happy that I still have water!

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Woo hoo!! Go K! Me? Yeah, sorta athletic. I played rugby and ran track, but never really did that well. I was often next to last in my races, but never last. Whew!

K looks great on the field. :o)

Glad all is well on the home front--we've missed you! :o)

Jamie said...

Excellent for K! The pix look great and I bet she will do well.