Friday, September 24, 2010

Mercy me it's H-O-T!

Ohio has a varied weather pattern.  Most people pretty much think that they know that.  What people who don't live in NE Ohio don't realize that the many patterns can occur within hours of each other.

Within the past week, we've had weather that has caused tornadoes.  One tornado actually flattened much of the regional campus of Ohio State University in Wooster.  During those storms, our city received 1 3/4" of rain.  We're kind of in a deficit, so it wasn't bad.  When it all comes at once, it only runs off, though.  The tornadoes didn't occur during hot weather, though.

It turned so cold that I was wearing a sweatshirt and the outer lining to my 3 season LL Bean (short) winter coat.  K- was wearing a sweater with a poncho over top to school. 

Today, it has been kind of hot.  It was about 90 degrees.  I know that can seem like an air conditioned day to some, but we also have massive humidity.  It makes me regret having not turned the AC on today.  I will not admit that to Hubs, though.

Now, Friday (today by the time you read this) is supposed to be 90 again and we have our fundraiser walkathon for K-'s elementary.  I'll basically be there all day getting ready and whatnot.  I'll be wearing shorts.  (And a shirt!)  Let's hope that we don't have kids dropping like flies!

So, what's the weather like out your way? 

Have you been enjoying the monarch migration, or have they basically moved on from your way?  Inquiring minds want to know.  As for us, we still have a few here and there.  K- caught one today.  I think that they are on their way, though.

Smiles in my day:
-  Patty and I had a nice time visiting while attending the district PTA workshop. 

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

Let me tell you, it is HOT here as well. It was almost 90 at 10:00 last night. I want to weep. Where's autumn???

In other news, Ellie has developed a cold or some such so she and I were not sleeping last night--at all. Okay, more to the point, she slept while I held her elevated so her nose would stay relatively blockage-free. Me? Yeah, I'm beat this morning. The heat is the last thing I need on top of that. Oh, and the PMS of course...Aren't you glad you don't live near me?!? ;o)

Jamie said...

We pretty much have the same weather variations although we don't get many tornadoes because we have hills and mountains. We had a 60 degree storm on Tuesday, 90 degrees Thurs & today and tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 and cool. I am perfectly okay with 90 degrees and sun. I'll take that all year round. Coats and gloves are not my thing.

Our monarchs are gone, but the hummingbirds remain.