Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: A shared coupon

Mom gave me a $10.00 off $10.00 coupon for JC Penney's tonight.  We have what I call the "free-standing JC Penney" down the street.  It is in a little strip mall and really doesn't fit the strip, but we have it and a few times a year I go in.

I looked at uniform pieces and what not.  Truly, there was nothing overly stunning that K- needed to have.  We have her set with that stuff, so I decided to look for tights or shoes.  No tights, but they had a rack of clearance shoes.

I was able to get her a $30.00 pair of tennis shoes that were marked to $11.99 for a whole $2.13 (including tax.)  I bought the next size up.  She has three pair of size 1 and she's not quite in them yet.  I figure that the shoes aren't going to expire and for $2.13, I'm happy to put them up and wait.

Smiles in my day:
-  Brownies, cake and ice cream-- all the day before a cholesterol test!  :O
-  The temperature is 66 F right now (10:10 PM Mon night) and that is delightful sleeping weather.  There is a breeze and Thursday is supposed to be 72F as a high!  Fall is truly my absolutely favorite season and I feel it around the corner.  HOORAY!  It's been a really hot summer!

Have a great day!


Jamie said...

I always take advantage of the $10 off $10 that Penney's sends, too. J found a certain style of shirt there that he loves - but they are $20 regular. So, we wait for the coupon and I'll pay the $10 for it. We went yesterday and found them on clearance for $12.60, so got it for $2.60. I was happy. They always have a $10 off $10 code for online, but I can't get past paying for shipping to use them.

Bailey's Leaf said...

I don't pay shipping, unless eBay and that has to be cheap. Kind of defeats my purpose of shopping online. I run a search for coupon codes each time I purchase online to avoid such fees.

Rach said...

WOOHOO for AWESOME deals!! :o)

Rach said...

P.S. You know my love of all things autumnal. I'm still waiting...:sigh: It looks like we have to get through a couple of hurricanes before I can get my cooler temps and crisp air. :oS