Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mom- The Update

Mom is okay.  She is groggy and in pain, but the surgery took only 1/2 the time that it was scheduled for.  The growth that they thought was a fibroid turned out to be a solid NON-CANCEROUS tumor and we are praising God to the end of the earth for that. 

When I told her that the doctor told us that her insides were beautiful and that she did a great job, all she said was, "Yoga." 


Thanks for praying for mom.  If you would like to continue to pray for her regarding her recovery, that would be much appreciated.  I'll let y'all know how she is doing.


Rach said...

Yoga, LOL! I'll have to remember that.

Praise the Lord the tumor is out and she's doing as well as she is. :o) Yes, please do keep us posted!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad that Mom is well and that she is cancer free.

Maybe I should start doing Yoga :)

Jamie said...

GREAT! Glad to hear that there is no cancer. Hoping she gets lots of rest - I know you'll see to that.

Michelle said...

So glad to read the update on your mom! Praise God for no cancer!