Friday, August 13, 2010

I couldn't help but to share the lovely deals.

We visited the thrift store today.  Hubs worked late.  K- and I had some time to kill and Hubs was down to one pair of shorts for work.

We needed to fix that situation.

Aside from purchasing Hubs three pair of khaki shorts for $4.50, a pair of denim shorts for me for $1.00, a couple of pairs of jammie pants for less than $2.00 and a Land's End fleece nightgown for K- for winter for $2.00, we cashed in on the kids game and book section.

What's Gnu?  Would have been $19.99, but we paid $1.25.  It is missing one letter tile, but I thought that was completely doable since they are three letter words anyhow.

Scrabble Junior (Brand new-- Still sealed in the box) Would be $15.99, but we paid $2.00.

Veggie Tales Minnesota Cuke 100 piece puzzle (Though the box is open, it appears completely brand new and yes, I did count the pieces in the store.)  Sticker on the side from Berean says $4.99.  We paid 20 cents.

Animal Antics "Now I'm Reading!" for beginning readers 10 phonics books- short-vowel sounds  (Seems very lightly used and the Border's price tag on the back says $14.99.)  We paid 25 cents.

Maya and Miguel The Lucky Easter Hat Level 2  Price is $3.99, but we paid 25 cents.

A Child's Book of Birds (An old library book, but one worth having for K-.)  25 cents.

And for my nieces and nephew I found:

Camp Rock, The Junior Novel (For my 9 year old niece) Price tag $4.99, but paid 25 cents.

Once Upon a Potty- Boy (For my 16 month old nephew) Price tag $5.99, but paid 25 cents.

Frog on a Log Phonics Reader (For my soon-to-be a first grader niece) Price tag $6.95, but paid 25 cents.

With all that I bought, I paid a hair above $15.00, but I really think that I cashed in!  :)  Had to share my finds! 

(This is my second post for the day, so read on.)


Rach said...

AWESOME deals!!!! :o)

Jamie said...

I'm a sucker for resale....great deals!