Friday, August 13, 2010

Haiku Friday: The dental unit

My pearly whites,
Grinding, clinching, damaging,
Must have one fixed.

Remember that month long migraine that I had in early summer that finally came down to my clinching and grinding my teeth?  Well, apparently I ground a divot into my tooth, causing a very minor crack.  It can be refilled and stabilized for now, but eventually I will need a crown.  I promised Dr. Rick that I've learned my lesson and that yes, I am wearing my night guard rather religiously now.  Ugh.

On a sunshiny note, K- came through with flying colors.  NO CAVITIES!!!  That is something that the entire office breathes a sigh of relief about every time we visit.  Her crack baby soft teeth are something that all of us hover over, so we give her a fluoride treatment, wipe our foreheads and look toward the next cleaning on March 3. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Great dental coverage. 
-  The crock pot meatloaf worked, but it is definitely a 4 1/2 - 5 hour cook only on low.  That one I won't be able to leave unattended when I go to work.  Good to know.  It will be one of the things that I make for my mom and dad when Mom is off after her surgery.  Hubs loved it and asked that it be put in the regular rotation.  (Yes, I've made meatloaf before, but the crock pot version was actually much more moist.)
-  It rained!  The plants were looking a little dry.
-  The sheets made it yesterday without getting rained on.  (I know that I was thankful for the rain just above, but when my sheets are out drying and I'm not home, I'd like the rain to hold off.)  I was so desperate to keep my sheets dry (I only have one regular set and one flannel set for our bed.  I'm a bit of a sheet snob, so I'd rather go without than have cheap sheets) that I called the neighbor to be my line runner if the rain came. 
-  Laundry all done and hanging on the inside lines.
-  I cleaned today with only the kitchen remaining. 
-  Mom is in better spirits today about the upcoming surgery.  She's looking forward to my pile o' books arriving for her and happy that she'll be living by delivered crock pot for a few weeks.  Frankly, mom needed a bit of a break and I'm sad that she has to have major surgery to get one.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rach said...

:shudder: Teeth are my "thing". You know, the thing that gives you the willies to think about something happening to them? Yeah, teeth are mine. I can't imagine a crack in a tooth. :shudder shudder shudder: Needless to say, orthodontia was WAY too fun with me. ;oP

Hooray for K and a clean bill of health for her teefers. Whew!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Allow me to serve as a lesson to all of the teeth grinders and clinchers out there-- wear the night guard for Pete's sake!

Thankfully, mine is a very, very minor crack and is repairable for now. I might add that it is the only tooth in my entire mouth that I bite down on. It is actually the only one that hits! So, really, it has had nearly 37 years (well, not that many) of abuse heaped upon it. Even without, all of the pressure of my mouth concentrated on one tooth makes it bound to need repaired at some point.

Still, to numb the top of my mouth takes a bit of doin'. The last time, it was two shots of novicane (didn't work) and finally Dr. Rick had to spray some numbing stuff because nothing else worked. It takes a lot to numb any part of me and even then, I metabolize it so quickly that you don't have much time to work. Just ask the orthopedic doctor who put my knee back together. He was surprised at how quickly it wore off!