Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: An open letter to birds.

Hello feathered friends,

Throughout life, I've had a pretty good relationship with you. Of course, I find your friends (chickens and turkeys) mighty tasty, but I leave you to fly about. I leave you seed. I leave you housing. I leave you a bath filled with warm water for you to bath in.

The other day, you left me a gift. You poo'd on K-'s clean shirt that was hanging on the line. We're not talking a dibble here. We're talking about an all out assault. I don't know if Tinkerbell will ever be the same.

Last year, you decided to bomb the sheets.

Now, I understand that your digestive tract probably just dislodges anything in its path automatically, but if you could refrain from doing it over my laundry, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Smiles in my day:
- K-'s daily check of the snap peas. She's loving being able to snack from the yard again.
- Library reading club started Thursday. We were able to meet up with all kinds of friends and make crafts to decorate the library. We had a great time!
- I made K-'s TV ticket. We're planning on beginning use on Wednesday. I'll have to update to let you know how it goes. I'm eager to hear your response to it, Rachael!
- My boss is apparently happy with the progress of our co-worker garden at work. A couple of green peppers appeared in some pots. We found out that they are his contribution! How nice!
- I changed shampoo like I should have a long time ago and my head is finally not itching anymore.
- K- and Hubs went bowling this morning (a suggestion I made a week or so ago) and had so much fun! For two games, including shoe rental, it was $9.00.
- Mike, our generous neighbor, gave us a receiver and set the speakers. They did a lot of boy stuff in there with it and I don't exactly know what, but it sounds wonderful!

Have a great day!


Sissy said...

I had a bird leave this HUGE stain on my car the other day. Seriously, it was like 8 inches by 4 inches! No lie. I walked out to my car after school and saw the stain on the back corner of my bumper and these splatters all over the pavement. I could not believe how much poo there was from one bird. Must have been one big sick bird!!!!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I had that happen once to our white Tercel. Hubs and I were sharing a car at the time. I drove from my work to pick him up with the drivers side completely covered in poo. Hubs' mouth dropped and all he could do was laugh. All we could figure was that there was one very large flock of birds that decided to let loose all at once!

I'm so sorry! Believe me, I feel your pain!

Rach said...

May I add to your petition by asking the mocking bird that sings every song he knows at 2 a.m. to please refrain from doing so?