Friday, June 18, 2010

Taking advantage of incredible opportunities.

Hubs and I have always been people to try to take advantage of educational opportunities for K-, particularly if they have been for free. In the last two days, fantastic summer camp opportunities have come our way.

Yesterday, I posted about enrolling K- for a week of Science Summer Camp through her school district. I got a lot of information on it yesterday, but did speak further with her principal today while at a building meeting. 800 children in the district are able to take advantage of this opportunity. 100 children are accepted on a first come first serve basis to 8 different schools within the district. The groups will be small, well-staffed and very hands-on.

While at the building meeting, Lori (my walking mom friend), was talking about a postcard that came in the mail about summer camps. I hadn't gotten the mail yet, so I had no idea what she was talking about, but scouted it out when I got home.

A local performance theater, wonderful and well-known, is doing a 2 week summer art camp at 9 or so schools within the district. Now, our home school wasn't one listed, but it is just up the street a couple of extra blocks.

I talked to my husband and he agreed-- we would be fools if we let this opportunity go.

It is by postcard and they requested that you give your top three choices. I admit that I only listed the school up the street, as some of the other schools are either really far away, or in terrible neighborhoods. It is a similar set-up to the science camp. It is 10 AM - 2 PM for two weeks with breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.


We're hoping to make the list for the art camp. We'll find out when we receive a confirmation packet. Hopefully, we make the cut.

We're also taking part in the summer reading club at the library. What's nice is that the library has two times set for their special program each week. We weren't able to come to the 1:30 PM this week, but we were able to make the 7 PM show. They had an interactive story teller tonight. There is a magician and a juggler coming up, too. At the end of July, they'll be having a carnival for the kids. (The only 1:30 PM only day.) For each week they attend, they put their book report slips into the appropriate age box for a chance to be pulled for a prize. Once they've gotten 4 stamps on their reading program card, they get a free kids meal coupon for McDonald's.

We're still going to Lowe's and making our every other week craft. K- is doing a good job of following the directions herself and with little help, getting the project put together.

We're trying to visit the public pool on Fridays. We were given a pool pass and we're trying to really use it to the best of our ability.

Y'all, just writing all this has made me tired. Well, that and the continued allergy haze that I'm living in. (So many people in NE Ohio are suffering from the same thing, so it isn't like I'm suffering from something exotic.)

With this and our barrels of busyness AND! my promise to paint the kitchen this year, even if it kills me, the blog is going to suffer from time to time. Sorry, but life is sooooooooo busy. Y'all understand.

For now, I'm tired and my just re-dressed bed is calling, calling, calling me. 'Night all.

Smiles in my day:
- Going out on the boat all together and Hubs caught 4- 14" fish. It always makes him happy!
- The school building meeting. We were working on the basic layout of the school as it will sit on the lot. We're making progress.

Have a great weekend!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sounds busy but FUN! My blog is totally suffering. The boys have swim team 5 days a week (OY!), plus I have WEGO Health, and they have baseball on Monday, Saturday and sometimes Friday. I'm so busy I don't whether I'm coming or going. I do try to check your blog at least every other day. But writing on my own has become a luxury.
I think my Facebook "friends" would wish I'd stay off of there and quit bombarding them with my "Bad BP", "here's another oil spill video" posts. Those take 5 seconds and I keep popping them up more to educate than to annoy but I think the latter is taking place (I think I was a hippie in a former life).