Friday, June 4, 2010

The back pack and lunch pack have been laundered.

The "flare" has been returned to K-'s back pack. (AKA all of the buttons and "jingly things" that hang off of it.)

The pencil box has been cleared, cleaned and returned to the back pack.

The art shirt has been cleaned, dried and returned to the back pack.

Y'all, summer has officially begun.

Smiles in my day:
- K-'s Kindergarten graduation ceremony. So wonderful. So glad that they have it for the kids!
- K-'s teacher gave me a beautiful planter for our front porch. She wanted to thank me for everything I had done throughout the year.
- K- got the teacher that I requested for her for next year! She has several friends in there, including her good friend Z-, C- and B-. She is so excited!
- My mama's birthday was today (6/3) and my brother Billy's birthday is tomorrow (6/4). We had cake for them tonight. My brother is taking leftover cake into work tomorrow to share with the guys. He's excited to take it in to share.
- K- received some money for graduation, so we took it down and bought a savings bond with it. (The grandparents gave it to her. It's not like we sent invitations out soliciting for donations.) She had a fair amount in her pig and I thought it best to teach her that saving it with a savings bond was a good thing.

Have a great weekend!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Yay for summer!! We don't begin until Wednesday (last day of school is the 8th). Enjoy your summer break!!

Rach said...

Hooray for the last day of school! I can't believe K is already a first grader. Where does the time go?!?