Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing says fun like chasing the Sunday School teacher with a Bomb Squad robot.

As always, we had a busy weekend. I've said it before. Folks, I need a weekend after my weekend.

Friday was Field Day. I volunteered all day and shuttled roughly 523 children through my game. I was working with one of the moms I've become friends with, so it was all good.

After Field Day, we had K-'s friend B- come over to help break the new swing set in.

Oh, it is lovely.

Oh, it is big.

The most delightful thing? It is so heavy duty that we can all swing on it-- and we do!

Saturday was the Lowe's Build and Grow workshop. (A shout out to Lowe's-- Thank you for such a great program!) After that, we were on deck to help out at the church Safety Day. We were on for a water station, and they were kind enough to give us the one outside the bouncer. K- was in heaven.

Since the water station didn't really need manned that much (check for water level and for cups), we were able to walk around and check out the safety stuff. Since we were there before the crowd came, K- was able to operate the Bomb Squad robot long enough to chase her Sunday School teacher around the parking lot. It was cool! Since it had cameras, we were able to watch Miss Pam run! It was a really great day!

Saturday afternoon and early evening gave us showers. K- decided that she wanted to go on a walk after the rain had cleared, so I had her suit up in her puddle jumpers (Teva sandals) and off we went. We found the "juiciest puddles" for her to jump in. It made the folks in the neighborhood smile as she ran, jumped and skipped her way through the puddles.

Sunday was my niece's swimming party. It turned out to be warm enough outside, though the pool was a tad chilly. The kids had a great time. C- wanted a "taco bar" with the kids making their own tacos. I noticed that the lettuce was flying and it seemed to be an issue, so I did my best impersonation of a Taco Bell associate and I ended up slinging tacos. "Next up! What would you like?" :)

Hubs and I straightened out the tree. The neighbor said it looks like it belongs on the Serengeti. Oh, well. She's suffering and the only way to try to help it along is to ditch as many diseased branches as possible and to "punch holes" so that the light can come in. I had a nosy neighbor come by to ask if we were cutting it down. Uh, no.

Though Hubs has been trying to recover from a digestive funk other than his typical issues, he mowed the lawn this evening. No easy task when all branches that we cut down needed shortened and bundled.

We just watched the Celebrity Apprentice. HOORAY BRET! :)

So, I'm officially tired. This is K-'s last full week of school left. My big kindergartner will be a big first grader soon. I was able to talk with the reading tutor on Saturday. She seems lovely, understands our wanting to keep K- on track and will be also combining some speech therapy in with her reading tutoring. K- is doing so well with reading and we just don't want her to lose that momentum.

Though I look at the weekend with tired eyes, we did a lot. We had a lot of fun. K- and I spent a lot of time together. We had been having some communication break-down issues, but I'm hoping that the two week phase she had rolled into has rolled right out the door. We both really enjoyed being together. We love the swing set and she was even outside playing at 7:50 AM on Saturday morning! It's nice that we can swing together and just talk. I think that she learned a lot with her recent attitude adjustment, and so did I. I learned that my baby is growing up. (Well, I knew that, but still . . . ) I need to let the lead out a little bit more.


Smiles in my weekend:
- Sprinkled in above.

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Rach said...

Hi there, Friend! I'm back in the land of computers and boy is it wonderful! :o)

What a busy busy weekend you had. Man. Oh to have a video of K chasing her Sunday School teacher, lol! What an image.

So, are you going to post some photos of that gorgeous new playset of yours? I'm dying to see it!

Happy Monday! :o)