Thursday, May 6, 2010

The neighbors thought we didn't care.

You have to love neighbors. Need a cup of sugar? They are right there. Your schedule is off and you flip the lights on 10 minutes earlier than normal? They notice. You don't have a chance to mow your lawn for a few weeks? They get irritated, especially if they are partnered and keep their lawn meticulously mowed.

Y'all, they thought we didn't care. The body builder boy of the two came over and asked Hubs if he just didn't want to mow it.

"Uh, no. I have been busy."

Had they been keeping up on their neighborly duties such as watching every move we make any other time (including probably knowing when we use the bathroom), they would have known that Hubs has had long and early days, sometimes starting at 4:30 AM.

I don't live in a housing development. We don't have laws, bylaws and all that. We just live in a city on a postage stamp sized lot and happened to have had longish grass. It's not like the lawn was up to my knees. It wasn't mid-shin either.

Poor Hubs!

So, have you ever had a neighbor complain about lawn length? In our 10 years here, this is the first complaint about the unwritten violation. I suppose that isn't so bad!

Smiles in my day:
- Having a nice chat with Mrs. H- this morning about all of the end of the year things that she needs help with.
- My pants are loose. Me thinks that the walking is helping. :)
- The in-law's bought me supper!
- The lady who was in multiple times today. She was probably in her 60's trying to rock pleather pants. All I could think of was the episode of friends where Ross decided to wear the leather pants and got stuck. The lotion and baby powder? "It appears to be making a paste!" Oh, I still laugh!

Storms are coming our way. I must bid farewell so as to turn the box off. Don't want to cook it.

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

When we first moved in (and we do live in a development) I thought people were going to complain about us. We didn't have a mower so we paid someone to mow it every 2 weeks. Paying to mow 2 acres can get a bit steep so we couldn't afford to have it done weekly. It would get very high. And it was all weeds so it looked like an unsightly field.
Sometimes someones tractor breaks or they get behind and a neighbors grass gets high. I don't complain about that and I would NEVER complain to someones face. I do take issue with the dandelion fields that are across the street. But once again, I've never said anything to anyone's face. Our development used to be a farm. If you don't use some form of weed killer, the yard will return to a dandelion field and many across the street have done just that. Not only is it totally unsightly, but the lovely seeds blow over here making it harder to keep the dandelions off of ours. BUT again, I'm not obsessed enough about it to go over and say something directly to anyone.
Wow, that guy has giant.... you know ;)

Rach said...

We live across the street from the yard Nazis. Now, I'm SURE our lawn has offended them more times than I can count (you should see how PRISTINE they keep their yards...) but they've never said anything. We live between an alley (common area) and neighbors who are too busy to get out and mow frequently. Our yard looks okay most of the time, but that's due in part to the fact we just hired a neighbor boy to mow about once a week. He'll come over when he notices the lawn getting tall-ish.

That said, we *have* gotten nasty grams from the HOA telling us we are in violation because of weeds. Of for pete's sake. Really? :shakes head:

Bailey's Leaf said...

We organically garden, so no weed killer here. The dandelions are okay, just this time of year they tend to crop up a bit higher than the rest. Still, we live in 1000 sq foot ranch homes. They are not mansions.


Anonymous said...

Our neighbor complained that hubby mows too late. 8:30pm. He works until 8. Mind you, their kids play basketball till midnight during the summer, so trust me, no one is asleep. Love them neighbors.