Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hazy, crazy days of migraines. And rambling thrown in just for fun.

We've had fronts in all week. We went from warm weather, windows open all the time (even at night), tornadoes and massive rain and lightning, to a threat of snow Saturday evening and frost warnings.

Y'all, it is messing with my head. Off and on this week, my head has had a headache haze. My head was throbbing at the PTA breakfast Tuesday morning. I just kept eating thinking that if I crammed enough fat in on top of the 2 Advil, it might get better. It took a slight edge off and I drank a can of caffeinated pop. It helped it to just hover a bit. After lunch (I find I can't take it before noon), I took an Excedrin Migraine and it pretty well licked it.

Thank God for that stuff.

My heavens. I'm just in a cycle with this migraine thing. It will be better next week. Until then . . .

I am SO PROUD! of my kid today. (Well, I am every day, but . . .) On my afternoon check-in call, K- announced, "Z- bit me today!" "WHAT?!" "Z- bit me today." "Did you tell Mrs. H-?" "Yes and when I did, Z- started crying and he told me that he hated me." "K-, I'm so proud of you. I know that it is hard for someone to tell you that they hate you, but you did the right thing." Of course, I asked where he bit her, if he broke the skin, if a note went home or if he at least landed on red. Apparently, it was the end of the day, a note didn't go home that she knew of, but he is on red tomorrow. (Which means a note did go home because that is a part of the 'red' thing.) He also tried to bite her friend, Z-. He wasn't successful, though. I told her that she is going to have to handle him like we did with M-. I told her to tell him good morning, but that it is not okay for him to bite and she needed to not hang around him.

Y'all, she stood on her own two feet. She didn't let the "I hate you" thing rattle her. If someone bit me, I would have been way ticked. For K-, it is very difficult for her to tell on kids because of her only-childness and them being her people and all. It really was a breakthrough. She didn't come home and discuss it with me before reacting. She did it all on her own. No coaching from mom and dad. That brings me to happy tears-- literally.

It might be a short-lived thing, but K- came to me and asked me to paint her nails tonight. She told me, "Mom, could you paint my nails and you can paint my thumb, too. I promise not to suck it." BIG! BIG! B.I.G! She is a thumb sucker. It is her go-to. She knows that if she has her nails painted, we skip the thumb because she really doesn't need to be eating that gunk. I've checked and there is no thumb in her mouth. Is this it? Has she finally made that decision?

Hubs brought home a gorgeous hanging basket. It is a geranium with smaller flowers. Lovely. I just hung it on the outside of the house. I need to check to see if we are having frost.

My friend, C-, bought me a few Ghiradelli chocolate bars as thank you's for gluing and coloring jewelry backers. We decided to have a taste test at lunch. One bar was 71%. The other bar was 86%. I know that I can run into the mid-70's with dark chocolate. After that, it becomes more like chewing on baker's chocolate. The 71% was lovely. The 86% was awful. I at least got half of one of the blocks down. C- couldn't even make it through a quarter of it. I gifted that off to Julia. She was delighted. I'll keep my 71% thankyouverymuch.

Heather called to give me the update on Ryan. He is in a lot of pain today. Apparently, today and tomorrow are going to be the big pain days. He took 4 big walks already today by the time she phoned me early in the afternoon. She called to tell me that my crock pot pork loin was lovely. I'm glad that it worked out! I didn't have time to drop a hot meal, but I did call her yesterday morning to remind her to plug it in. Girlfriend is in 14 thousand directions. If I didn't call, I don't know that she would have remembered.

My hazy head is beginning to lift a little even though I see the need for a few Advil before bed. [yawn.] Have a great night!

Smiles in my day:
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Rach said...

I've been dealing with a killer headache for two days. We had MAJOR storms roll in yesterday so I'm sure that was the cause.

Hooray for K--what a kiddo! I bet her teacher just *adores* her! :o)

My prayers continue for your friend's husband.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

It's a migraine time of year. My head has been killing me too. Some days I wish I could just remove it and go about my day.

Glad that K handled the situation like a trooper. Good for her!

Michelle said...

sounds like a couple of big breakthroughs for K! Yay!