Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brring-brrring, Google calling!

One of those things that make me laugh. Look where I've been showing up. I'm sure that I surprised a few people.

- 6 year old stomach ache on and off. If I kept my child home every single day that she said that she had a stomach ache, she would never go to school. Most of the time with K-, it is a 15 minute affair and away she goes. You should see how fast she runs into school. "LOVE YOU, MOM!" With the flash of a flying lime green flowered LL Bean back pack, she's off!

- Tercel snow. Yes, we own one. Yes, it drives well in the snow. We call it the motorized snowball.

- Where do Bailey seeds come from? Don't know.

- Lipitor husband wants a divorce. Really? My husband doesn't mind that I take Lipitor. If it keeps my heart from getting gunkified with crapola, he's good with it.

- Reed Timmer NW Ohio. Yup. He was here. Traveled here from Norman to chase the 5/7 storms. Tune in this fall to Storm Chasers to see if he saw anything. Honestly, he was right where they did have tornadoes, so I have to go with the thought that he did. Storm chasing in Ohio. Whew-whooo!

- Men toe ring. Didn't know that they made them, but remember what I've told you about foot maintenance.

- L'Oreal stem cell mascara. Really?

- Virgo weed killer, lawn booster. The Virgo weed killer? That would be vinegar.

- Discontinued Clark's flip flops. Say it ain't so! I love my Clark's flip flops!

- Dad smells from the nose. What else is he suppose to smell with?

- Bailey leaf for bad breath. They have this new gum now. It'll kill what ails you, but the taste is a little weird. I think that it might be Stride with cardamom. That would work for you.

- Digestive problems completely fixed. If that is the case, I congratulate you! Now, if you have tips for my husband, he has been suffering for more than 7 years. Oh, he's seen probably 10 doctors. Do tell.

- How do you spell agida? Um, that would be it. Check your urban dictionary. It'll take you where you need to go.

- Snow storm thank yous. For neighborly services? For the day off? For the nice plow people that eventually come to you and seal your driveway shut with road goo because there isn't any place for it to go than for it to pile a foot and a half high at the end of your driveway?

- Bailey leaf cure. I've got nothin'.

- Allergic reactions to L'Oreal Paris 24 hour boosting serum. Well, it made my eyelashes fall out, but there are plenty of people out there that absolutely love it.

- Saving an underwatered tomato plant. Well, it is very difficult to kill a tomato. Just water it. You'll probably be fine.

- How to get back my nose to smell. Hmm. A decongestant? Some saline? The neti pot that I refuse to use because it completely grosses me out?

- No red Santa. Well, I've always seen Santa as a German looking Caucasian guy. Who knows?

- Adoptive tales from the trenches blogspot. Ah, yes. That would probably be the post where I talked about dumb things that people said to us about adoption. Hurtful stuff. Things that made me want to poke people in the eyes. Yup. I remember it.

- LL Bean daily mark down Storm Chaser. I believe that is the coat that I purchased on Thanksgiving Day for $40.00. I got it for an absolute steal and it keeps me nice and toasty as I walk K- to and from school.

- Expiration cream cheese pink tinge. Um, it is supposed to be white. Please don't eat it.

Smiles in my day:
- Being able to walk K- to school today. Tuesday was the Kindergarten musical and I had to go straight to work and Monday was rain-- lots of it. We also got our "bike walk" in this evening. We talked and decided that we really missed our nightly bike walk.
- The delivery for the swing set is set for Friday while we are gone at school all day. (Me, too. I'm going to help with Field Day.) K-'s friend, B-, will be walking home with us for a play date. We're so excited for the new swing set to arrive!
- I ate the last of the sympathy food pork chops from Heather this afternoon for lunch. I believe it might be a really long time before I eat pork chops again. Good, but lots of them!

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Funny!! Pink cream cheese is only good to eat if it's that strawberry kind (which I don't care for).

Bailey's Leaf said...

I didn't even think of the strawberry kind, which is the kind I don't think that they were speaking of. :S