Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Short-lived crabapple blossoms

The blossoms were gorgeous, then very rainy weather came in and knocked all of the blooms from the trees. We enjoyed their beauty for the short time that they were here, though!

Smiles in my day:
- Getting atagirls from our boss. She had written a letter to all of us letting us know "how proud they were" of us in regard to the show opening on Saturday. Later, another letter was sent around in regard to an issue that she had come up against at the end of last week. She hand delivered the note and let us know that it didn't apply to us. She told us that she doesn't stop in that often and check in on us not because she doesn't care, but because she knows that she doesn't have to worry about us. She knows that we'll do what needs to be done. We thanked her and my heart smiled big.
- I got a call at work today. "Is this Amy - - - ?" "Yes." "This is the school nurse at - - Elementary." [Insert concern.] "Yes." "K-'s teacher sent her down to me because her cheeks are really red." "Yes, well my guess was that she was just running around chasing the boys at recess." [Insert chuckle from nurse.] "That is EXACTLY what she just told me!" "K- is just one of those kids that get rosey cheeks. The warmer the weather gets, the rosier the cheeks become. Did you check her temperature?" "No." "Does she seem okay?" "Yes. Well, there was some concern since 5ths Disease seems to be going around." "Oh! Well, she already had that!" "Great! Okay then! Bye!" Glad that it was a false alarm! And yes, her cheeks do get that rosey when she is very active, very tired, or very sick.

Have a great day!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Pretty picture.
Glad the rosy cheeks were nothing to be concerned about :)