Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend things

I've come to the conclusion that I have no more tips to share on Works for Me Wednesday. I'll be switching to Wordless Wednesday through 5 Minutes for Mom. I'm plum out of good stuff to share. If something good comes along, I'll hop the fence to the WFMW side, but basically, I'll be sticking with WW.

I'm sure that you really needed to know that.

Anyhow, I'm glad to say that the unstitched finger is healing amazingly fast. The Exacto'd finger is healing much faster than the scissored finger of a few weeks ago. That one left me with a deep 'v' cut in my finger for about a week and a half. Apparently, nearly lopping a hunk off is better than slicing deep into a finger. All that aside, I can say that I heal quickly from cuts. Bruises are a different situation. My crazy blood clotting disorders say, "Let's continue to bruise and get bigger for days!" Y'all should have seen my leg after ACL surgery (AKA Hamstring Endo-button Reconstruction.) For about 6-7 weeks, it looked like a semi ran over my leg.

We went to the Lowe's building clinic on Saturday. K- made a planter box that they filled with soil and placed some cherry tomato seeds in. When she went to show her creation to the project coordinator (they need to do that to get their patch), they gave her a reusable shopping bag, too. They had some nice Earth Day materials for the kids, too.

After Lowe's, we ran next door to Super Wal. I was in desperate need of new make-up. I was scraping the edges of my Aquasmoothers and my blush is just the wrong color. While on our quick run through, we found some packs of socks for her that were marked down from 6.00 to 1.00/4 pk. I purchased three and I'm putting them up for fall for her.

We dashed out of the Wal and went on to the Spring Fling ladies luncheon at church. It ended up being spa-themed and a wonderful time. We had a great soup and salad lunch, with strawberry shortcake for dessert. They did a nice spa-themed devotion and we were just able to hang out and enjoy each other. That's something that is kind of hard to do on Sunday, particularly since swim lessons were moved to Sundays, giving us only 50 minutes to run home, have lunch and leave.

A happy thing is that I was able to take home a nice, big leftover salad for K- and me to have for dinner. Since it didn't already have dressing on it, I knew that it would hold for dinner. Yum.

After the ladies lunch, we went to the library. We cruised for DVD's and found a few that K- wanted to borrow.

Following the library fly-by, we visited with my grandmother and aunt. I admit that while there, K- hit a bit of a crabby appleskin moment, but a quick walk into the hall straightened her out and gave her a nice attitude adjustment. She was tired from having run with the girls at the lunch while I helped to clean up. Still, no excuse to be rude. She's not normally a rude child, so it took me by surprise. I believe that I made it crystal clear that the rudeness, even if mild, will not be tolerated. Period.

So, we ended up at home with my project to free the kitchen table from whatever tornadic mass of familyness that ate it. Argh! Where the heck did all that crap come from? I admit that I had a stack of coupon sections to go through, a vase of tulips had tipped two days ago and I thought I had gotten everything. Apparently the water seeped up under the coupons and I ditched those. I freed the table, it is all tidy and the world is now a happier place.

Does anyone else have a nearly permanent pile of papers somewhere in the kitchen? I tell you, no matter how hard I try . . .

Our family time on Saturday night was my smearing both of them in Wii bowling, then watching Storm Chasers until K- feel asleep - snoring - on Hubs' lap and I feel asleep later.

Sunday morning K- and I were up and out in time enough for Sunday School. We were typical attenders, but they've changed the Sunday morning line-up, so now we don't have regular classes anymore. The classes are themed and switch teachers every 8 - 12 weeks. Frankly, I find it annoying. I was just saying tonight about how I miss seeing our typical crowd and how I haven't seen this one and that one for a while. Sadly, the sermon didn't hold my attention as much as Pastor's Sunday School lesson did, so I found my brain wondering to a Sam's Club shopping list and ideas for more things to do in the kitchen regarding the spiff that will happen soon.

No, it wasn't listed in Leviticus where the sermon actually was. At least throw me a bone. I remember that we were in Leviticus!

Since Pastor was a hair long-winded (AKA ran at least 15 minutes over), I flew by Wendy's for a burger for K- and me. She was asking for more and I told her two burgers were it. (My cholesterol didn't need that.) We ran on home, had the burgers, got K- changed for swimming lessons and off and away we went.

Swimming lessons are going so well. I cannot believe how much she has progressed this year! Swimming lessons wrap up next week, which I'm thankful for because the 8 weeks of lessons have had a week out here, a week out there (because of Easter, school schedules, swim meets) so it seems like we've been there for months. Oh wait! We have been!

We hadn't been to Sam's a dear beloved forever, so we stopped by there after swimming. Since we haven't been stopping in as often (Sam's, your prices have gone way up!), we stocked up on some things that we need eventually, but not right. this. second. We bought another case of toilet paper because let's face it, having someone in the house with digestive issues, you just don't want to run low. Hubs loaded our basement freezer with cases of Boca Burgers, a case of turkey burgers, I bought a bag of cheese raviolis and pierogies for K- and me. We're going to give a new cat litter a spin. It claims to be 99% dust-free, which is what Hubs is looking for. K- wanted Gogurt. I bought her lunch meat (in a 3 pk bundle), so she is good for lunch meat for lunches for 3 weeks. There was the Laffy Taffy that Hubs decided to buy to get him through the crazy weeks of April and May. I treated myself to a 10 pack of 5 Berry gum. I bought a snack for K- to share with her class on her next assigned day. We left with a cart full. That's okay. We won't need to go back for a few months.

Since Target was right down the street, I had some coupons that I figured that I would go and use. Besides, Target was advertising a free reusable bag with purchase today. Of course, they ran out. (Thanks, Target.) I'll see if I can get 4 more Target store bags from my mother-in-law and I'll be able to send in for a coupon for a free bag. (I love free reusable bags!) I found lots of good deals, though. They sent a coupon book to my MIL, who passed it on to me. I was able to get a bunch of toiletry items for pretty cheap.

Rachael-- did you know that the Up and Up brand of Claritin is 5.84 for a 4 oz bottle? I paid 11.99 for a different generic version just a few weeks ago! 5.84 was a steal!

We got home, restocked our home grocery (with the amount we bought at Sam's -- yes, we will use it) I made up some dinner with part of our purchases and had to go off to my VBS meeting.

So, I sit here tonight. Hubs and I sat with K- while she wrote her final 4 sentence practice page for her big Kindergarten Writing Assessment tomorrow. Am I nervous? Sure. We told her that if she takes her time, concentrates and does a good job, she'll get two sweet treats tomorrow instead of just her "one only" and daddy sweetened the deal by telling her that he would drop a buck in her Polly Pocket savings jar.

I should explain the jar. When we went to Target, K- wanted this Polly Pocket Pop Up Camper so bad that she couldn't even see straight. She cried and soaked the box in tears. (She was tired from swimming and hungry.) The thing is 19.99. I told her that she needed to save money. Now, she does have probably enough in her pig. We specifically wanted her to save for it. Hubs told her about how his parents would have him save for particular things that he wanted. When I went for my meeting, Hubs recycled a peanut butter jar and helped her to decorate it as a Polly Pocket savings bank.

If you'll pardon me, I'm going to shove off. I have a reading date with a particular 6 year old in our house. We need to see what Junie B. is up to.

- Sprinkled in above.

Have a great day!

--Rachael, today seems like a perfect day to have a baby, doesn't it?!

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