Friday, April 23, 2010

A voice for many

Another building meeting was today. This one featured the little troll of a man that is a part of the school board. I tell you, he is just a nasty, mean old guy.

The meeting went on, as usual, with the architect discussing the few bones that they changed slightly to basically meet halfway with our needs.

Parents and teachers brought up the additional space in the kitchen. It is a warming kitchen. Gone are the days of the "lunch ladies" actually assembling food products, cooking them and serving. What our school system sees fit is heat and eat food. The Librarian brought up our need for Jamie Oliver and to that I said, "Amen!" (I'm a good Baptist, what can I say?) I said that we could defend all of the additional space allotted to the kitchen by giving them food that didn't make my child vomit, I would be thrilled. (The lunch women told the visiting parents and teachers that the new school kitchens were equipped with extra freezers and garbage disposals that they don't need since they don't actually assemble food.) I told them considering that we have 75 extra children than what the plans allow for, go ahead and allot some of the space to the learning. Many people said several different things regarding the stated size of the new school. In the end, Mr. School Board Troll said, "Well, we could always put the project on hold."

WHAT?! All the librarian could do was yell, "That's a real nice threat!"

Instead of trying to work with us, which is the reason for these community meetings anyhow, he wants us to conform, shut up, have them tell us how it is to go and we are to say, "Oh thank you kind sir."

During the hub-bub, a note was slipped to me by one of the teachers.

"Would you consider writing a letter to the editor of the paper?"

"Oh, yes."

So there you have it. I'm the voice for the teachers, staff and principal of the school. People who can't speak up for themselves for fear of losing their jobs. I've given my e-mail address to be passed around. The principal will be meeting with me and writing me notes, as all e-mail from his box is tracked.

All my husband could do was laugh.

Smiles in my day:
- Two loads of laundry dried on the line.
- A bathroom scrubbed, shower liner changed, floors swept, and kitchen and bathroom mopped.
- The back beds have been cleared. They are not completely weed-free. They may never be completely weed-free. I have piles of yard waste to scoop up tomorrow. I just didn't have the energy tonight. K- and I spent our walking time in the back yard tonight as opposed to our typical bike walk. I didn't have it in me to do both.
- I'll be transplanting my seedlings tomorrow. Long ago and far away they grew out of their holding cells.
- Knowing that I'm going to bed this evening feeling very satisfied with my accomplishments today.

Tired. Have a wonderful weekend!

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