Friday, April 16, 2010


- Being able to walk back and forth to get K- at school.
- Getting 5 frames cut out and foiled. They are ready to be soldered this evening.
- Caffeine to help me get the frames done.
- Hubs walking to school with us this morning and getting suckered into helping me post the children's names on the 100 Book Challenge board. We made a dent, but sadly didn't get the pile completely finished. We were there for 45 minutes!
- The Arithmetickles program that we attended with friends tonight. Though not well attended (I suspect the weather, previous engagements like sports/Girl Scouts and the like), the 3 that we were with had an absolute blast. Each of them went up on stage 2 separate times. (Yes, I took pictures with my cell.)
- K- taking her teacher an apple to school. How many apples do teachers have brought in through the year? I wonder. Rachael?

Have a great weekend!

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Rach said...

I probably receive between 1 and 5 apples a year. :o) And, they are ALWAYS appreciated. Of course, I also benefit from mamas' baking efforts as well. I've had homemade cinnamon rolls, magic cookie bars, lemon bars, brownies and more this year. Mmmmmm. :o)