Sunday, March 14, 2010

The weekend ends with a stomach ache

Poor kid. I decided to make a new recipe and the onion seems to have left K-'s stomach a little unsettled. I made Toasted Orzo Pasta that called for onion and a bit of butter. K- was fine before dinner, but she's been battling a bit of a stomach ache since. It's not a flu thing. It's mama trying to sneak the onions in and making them really teeny. Boy did that bite me in the butt. Ugh. We had my niece, J-, stay the night Saturday night. Before she was dropped off, I told my sister to outfit her with appropriate footwear, as we were probably going to see if we could catch the amphibian and reptile migration down in the valley.

A side note question: Do other places close the road for amphibian and reptile migration or is it only us?

We had perfect conditions-- almost. It was dark. It was raining, but not too much. The temperature dropped, though. Really, it needs to be 50 F or higher. By the time we reached our destination, it was about 45 F. There were also cars lined up all along the road, which made it difficult to hunt for the salamanders, frogs and peepers. Well, the volume of people made it difficult, that is. Before we arrived, they were able to catch a few before the temperature dropped too much. I was glad that the girls at least saw what they didn't get to see along the road. (I think it might be a little blurry. I was using the night setting in the rain.)
J- was so funny when she arrived. I didn't tell K- that J- was coming. If I did, all I would have heard was, "Is she coming? Is she here? When will she be here? Is it almost time?" The girls were great. They had a nice time playing and both were in bed by 9 PM. I had fruit and veggie plates for the girls for dinner, which I knew J- would be thrilled with since she is basically vegetarian anyhow. I picked up Klondike bars for a treat. I informed J- that we don't keep Klondikes on hand and they were a prize for us, too!

At this point of the evening, I'm tired. An hour is still an hour and I miss it. I've obligated myself to counting food cans tomorrow morning at the school, so I'm looking at an early day. We had a food can drive last week to benefit Harvest for Hunger. The PTA is matching student donations can for can. Still, I must trot up and down the hallways gathering cans in a big ole grocery cart. It's all for a great cause, though. Hunger is a horrible thing and anything we can do to help.

Smiles in my weekend:
- K- was so surprised when J- showed up!
- Swimming lessons resumed today and K- had a great time.
- I got the RAV washed on Friday. Grant you, it has rained non-stop since then, but I couldn't stand it anymore!
- K- funny in the store, telling a woman that she loved her flashing four leaf clover necklace. Then, on our walk, she told a woman about how great her little dog was. To me, that shows that she is thinking about people other than herself. It is something that we've been trying to have her consider a bit more. It was nice to see it put into action.
- I found a Timex wrist watch for K- on eBay. I wanted to include one in her Easter basket and all I found at the stores were cheapie watches. In school, they've been working on telling time so I had a few specific needs. I wanted a nice girly watch. I needed it to have numbers all the way around. I didn't want digital. It needed to be easy to read. It also needed to be water resistant. (I didn't want her to worry when washing her hands.) Though I only got a small discount, it was well worth not needing to run all over town trying to track it down. It'll be here by the end of the week. Hooray!
- We got our seeds planted in the little starter cells. Now if I can just give my garden window a quick clean, we'll be in business!

Have a great day!


Rach said...

I've heard of other localities doing the block-the-road-for-spawning/migration-thing. I'm glad you got to take the girls to enjoy it. I LOVE the photo of the amphibians. :o)

I'm SO sorry K has an upset tummy. Lil got out of bed about an thirty minutes ago (having been down for over an hour sleeping) complaining she was STARVING and her tummy hurt. We fed her some protein and a "bottle" yogurt and put her back to bed.

I think the time change is just as hard on them as it is on us. That loss of an hour is SUCH a killer. UGH.

Michelle said...

hope she's feeling better by morning! and how neat about that migration!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

How fun to go on an amphibian migration. The boys would love that. We'll have to tag along next year.

Sorry about the onion. I hope she's feeling better.

Good job on the watch! I never seem to have any luck on Ebay anymore.