Thursday, March 18, 2010

The unexpected death.

My cell rang at work today. I saw it was my mom and let it roll over to voice mail. When I had a chance to listen to it, mom told me of the sudden death of one of our previous neighbors. She was 51, had an enlarged heart and entered the hospital on Sunday with some health problems. I'm not completely clear on the details, but what I do know is that she ended up in a coma, had renal failure and died unexpectedly on Wednesday morning at 3 AM.

K- has four children. One of her children, J-, basically lived at our house for years. He was always there, hanging out with my brothers. What concerns me most about her children is her daughter Kalli. She has brain cancer. She has been living with brain cancer for probably 3 years or so. Her cancer diagnosis has been devastating enough for the family. Now to lose their mom is just another blow.

My mom didn't deal well with this news. My cell phone rang multiple times. I was on the sales floor, displaying and unable to take the calls. She would call and hang up. Later, she would call again. Mom called 4 times. This evening, she called and said how she had been "bouncing off the wall." She's doing better, but it stresses her out when women that she knows are younger than her and dying.

It is the second person in a year for mom.

I feel like a downer this week. I'm really not. Remember, this blog serves as my journal. I go here to dump. I go here to ask how I need to be better to those who serve us (thanks for the tip tips!) Thank you for being so prayerful for those on my list. Mom brought me up to be a prayer warrior. It's in my blood!

Smiles in my day:
- K- was so excited about her St. Patrick's Day celebration that she couldn't get the words out of her mouth fast enough! The Leprechaun had been to her room, had messed it all up and left glittery footprints behind. He popped up in the windows from the outside bushes twice. He even "bit Mr. Davis, Mom!" They had a really good time today.
- My mother-in-law sent me home a DELICIOUS meal of corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. As I was shoveling the corned beef in, my husband said, "You don't actually like corned beef, do you?" "No, I LOVE corned beef!" It was absolutely delightful. For dessert, they sent me a delicious sugar cookie. Yum!
- My cold/allergies are getting better. Thankfully, it wasn't a severe thing. I'm glad that I could reassure my sister last night that the cold wouldn't be that bad. She was gearing herself up for something ugly.

Thank you for being so kind. Have a great day!


concretenprimroses said...

I know how your mom feels. I'm watching people younger than I am die and its disconcerting. No one close to me in recent months thank goodness. Its also scarey to see the older generation dying off, and by default becoming the older generation.

Re St Paddy's day: Those leprechauns! You just have to watch out for them don't you?

Rach said...

I know all about a blog being a journal and asking for people not to judge.

My prayers for your mom. I freak out anytime anyone younger than my mom dies. I freak out when a high school contemporary dies. It's just too much and hits WAY too close to home.

Hang in there, Honey. Spring is springing all around you. Go out and enjoy it. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So sorry about your neighbor.

kanishk said...

Its also scarey to see the older generation dying off, and by default becoming the older generation.

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Michelle said...

I'm so sorry for the death of your mom's friend...will keep her family in my prayers.