Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: Kylie from Connecticut

One day last week we were driving to school and the song came on, "Kylie from Connecticut." K- announced real excited, "That's what Mrs. D- calls me!"

Folks, my child's name is kept private but I can absolutely tell you that Kylie is not it. (Though, Kylie is a very beautiful name.)

Who is Mrs. D-? K-'s speech therapist!

Over the years, K- has been called a variety of "K" names. I learned early on that choosing a very old, but different name would be great in that every child out that wouldn't be named her name, but sadly it has left her having to correct many people on a regular basis.

While I was driving, I told K- that I had to apologize to her.

"K-, I'm so sorry."

"For what, Mommy?"

"For giving you a name that no one can pronounce, spell or remember. We chose your name because of its meaning. It means - - - ."

"Oh, Mommy! You are going to make me cry! Don't worry! That's okay."

Bless her heart, or whatever the name of the heart that she has today. If she had a brother or a sister, they were going to either be Ian Anakin (or Ian Mark) or Teagan Cait. Boy, people could have really butchered those names, too!
- - - - -
Ewwww: Read this. And I just polished off a bag of lettuce yesterday. Fecal contamination and bacteria? Yum. [insert shiver and twitch of digust]

Dear AARP,

I'm 36, not 50. Please know that when the day comes, I'll probably take advantage of my AARP and Golden Buckeye discounts. Until then, I beg of you to discontinue sending me cards already embossed with my name. Really. As a friendly request, I'm sending you the cards back in the pre-paid business envelope you provided. Thank you for saving me the money it costs to return it to you. See? You are saving me money already!

Ewwww part 2:
K- decided that she needs to cut ties with M-. The final straw came in the form of spit. M- spit on K-'s book. She spoke up, M- got in trouble and she is now done. "Mommy, I really don't think I want to be friends with M- anymore." "K-, I believe that might be a great idea for you." I'm sorry that it had to come down to him spitting on her school work. I'm still unbelievably grossed out. I'm glad that she didn't ignore it.

Smiles in my day:
- Being paid to color all day long. It was very therapeutic and the day flew by! :)
- Though there were a few kids that laughed, K- wore her lovely Seussian hat at school today all day long. She even wore her bow tie all day, too.
- Antiques Roadshow! :)

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh how I feel her pain. My name has actually picked up in usage over the last 40 (shudder - am I really that old??) years. But as a kid, no one got it. NO ONE. And they still can't spell it due to multiple spellings. I was Jenny, Jay-nen, Jane, Janie, Jennifer, Julie, Jay-nine, Jean, etc. And I was always bummed that I couldn't find my name on one of those bike license plates.

I need to hop over and read the bagged salad thing. I buy mine in the "tub" but I'm sure it's the same. I tried buying plain greens and washing them myself but I'm lazy and I never did it. They just rotted in the fridge so I went back to the lazy woman's way. Maybe I should rethink that, huh?
Speaking of yuck, J is home again today due to digestive issues. I'm throwing in the towel and just realizing that health will elude us until school is out. I worked lunch room yesterday and he was sitting next to a girl that said "I don't want to eat my lunch because my tummy hurts. I did throw up some this weekend". REALLY?? Then why are you here? Oy! Pray for my sanity (but not on the sidebar because it's not that dire).

Rach said...

I went to school with a girl with K's name, and in fact, have a cousin with her name. I have no idea WHY it should cause confusion and trouble. It's not THAT difficult a name...

My name causes confusion because of the funky spelling (which *I* don't happen to think is funky, but, well, it's not the common spelling...). And, you should hear what people do to B's name. Sheesh. If it comes with an O' in front of it, nobody bats an eye and everyone can pronounce it. Leave that O' off and Brien turns into "Breean", "Breen", etc. :sigh:

I gave up on bagged lettuce a while ago--I think it was the cost?--but the article still grossed me out. Ick.

You object to an AARP membership at 36? I was given one at 11. Seriously! I had at least five cards... The question is, what mailing list are you on that got you on *their* list? Hm.

I'm glad K has entered self-preservation mode with regards to M.

As for the "ick" factor, we both seemed to have our share yesterday, huh?

(Tell me more about this all day colorathon...I could use one of those. :o) )