Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: Just call me Amelia

What did I do at work on Monday? I filed paper off of mat board with an emery board.

Yes, I got paid to do it.

Seems as though the paper had been trimmed away by some other co-workers, but it didn't leave a clean edge. The only way to get rid of the excess was to file away at it with nail files.

Customers wondered what Shannon and I were doing.

We get paid to do some pretty weird stuff.

Smiles in my day:
- K- went to school. She was a little concerned about the intestinal issues that she has been experiencing, but she made it just fine. I promised her that she would.
- Mike and Chris came over for their Monday "Let's work on Mark and Amy's internet" date. Long story short, we are now hard-wired, so no more problems. Our computer is running slow because of low RAM, so Chris said that he would fix that. If my 8th grade computer class isn't failing me, I think that is Random Access Memory. I could be wrong. Even if I'm not, I have no idea what it is there for, but I know that it helps to make all things work.
- We promised Mr. Jim, the crossing guard, that we will be back to walking on Wednesday. I didn't feel comfortable having K- walk so soon after having experienced digestive bouts of displeasure and I have a PTA meeting in the AM. Wednesday it is. The sidewalks are now finally clear enough. We may get a little rain, but both K- and I have rain coats, so we'll be good.
- The ladies who were in from Turkey. There were four of them, two of which spoke some English. One, the mother, spoke no English at all. We spent a few hours with them, wrapping their many little gifts to take back home. (I'm thinking that they aren't going to make it through customs wrapped, but it made them happy and they probably wouldn't have understood otherwise.) The one gave us a tip in Turkish money. I know that the coins probably don't amount to much monetarily, but it was thoughtful and a neat gesture.

Have a great day!

The Amelia Bedelia page is taken from the story, Come Back, Amelia Bedelia.

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Rach said...

LOL, Melia Delia. :oP (That's what my sister called her and we LOVED the books.) The minute you said you filed paper, I knew exactly what you were talking about. Hee hee!

I hope today is just as fun! :o)