Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: It's that time of year where . . .

You leave the house in a full winter coat and wished that you had shorts on by mid day.

You could wear sunscreen one day and winter boots the next.

Easter egg hunts are scheduled "snow or shine."

The Easter bunny may need a scarf.

Sandals for Easter are a complete toss-up. Have shoes and pretty socks as a back-up for the young ladies.

Spring break could be sledding or planting-- all at the same locale.

The heat is on one day and the next day you can't find enough windows to open and fans to turn on.

The birds return and start chirping at 4 AM.

There could be thunder snow.

The tornado sirens are tested as snow plows are making their way up the streets.

The laundry line re-opens. :)

The buds are appearing on the trees.

Walks to school are brisk, but get my day kick started.

Though it is a mixed bag in NE Ohio, I am so glad that it is spring!

Smiley thought on my Sunday evening:
- Spring!

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