Friday, March 5, 2010

Seussin' through the week.

We've had an unbelievably good time celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week. We started the celebration with Saturday's Storytelling at Target. Target took good care of the kids!

Our school week began with K- wearing her Dr. Seussesque hat I made her. It was a stripey stove pipe hat with a matching bow.

Tuesday, Dr. Seuss' birthday, was a teacher development day, so we were off.

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday! Oh heavens! We had so much fun getting K- ready in the morning. She wore her clothes, including tights, inside out. She had one high pig tail with a big curly bow and one low, braidy pig tail. She had mismatched shoes. She wore her watch on her shoe. She went to school with her coat inside out. She needed the teachers help to get out of that one! (Daddy did a great job.)

Thursday was The Wocket in my Pocket, Fox in Sox and another story I can't remember. She went with a big computer scanned Wocket cut out and glued to her play kitchen apron (with lots of pockets, of course) and mismatched socks.

The kid has been so excited for the theme of the day!

That brings us to Friday. It is Green Eggs and Ham day. Mrs. H- is serving the kids breakfast and I've explained to K- that the eggs are perfectly fine, just a different color.

Thanks for the good week, Dr. Seuss!

Smiles in my day:
- Dr. Seuss week!
- Gluing and coloring at work. Oh my! What fun! (I've been coloring the jewelry background pieces-parts for the new case backings. More specifically, the case designer has cut abstract butterfly and dragonfly wings out of mat board, scribbled a design in Elmers, allowed it to dry and I'm coloring the in-betweens. It has taken me hours and hours, but since it is the slow season, I've had nothing else to do. It has filled my time nicely!)
- Setting my sights on getting in the studio to work TODAY! Hooray! (And yes, I will take pictures!)
- Post Toasties classic boxes of cereal on clearance at the Dollar General for $1.00 a box. Wow! We bought 4 of them!
- It hit 46 F today and I threw open every window and door that we had. I left them open for about a half hour to air out our house. Oh, it felt so good! Fresh air!
- Blue skies. Big, BIG! blue skies. NACITS, actually. (Not a cloud in the sky.) SUNSHINE! We've all been a bit sunshine and vitamin D deficient here in the great ole state o' Ohio. Praise God for the blinding sun! :)!!!

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

What a fun fun week! :o)

BTW, the coupons arrived for the 'jay. Thanks bunches!! :o)

I'm opening windows tomorrow and Sunday--it's supposed to hit the low 60s. Woo hoo!! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I LOVED the sunshine yesterday. Except that I had an eye Dr. appt yesterday and got drops put in. No sunshine for 67 days before yesterday and YESTERDAY, super sunny yesterday, is the day my eyes get dilated. Go figure. Needless to say I was completely blind. Didn't stop me from driving though...
Sounds like a fun Seuss week. Although eggs at school made me shudder (from a food allergy mom perspective).