Monday, March 22, 2010

The internet version of a forced Lenten sacrifice.

It seems as though Mike has had it. Well, with his cable/phone/internet package purchase that is. He told me that he'll be phoning Sunday evening to let the blessed company that is holding his services that he will be dumping 2/3 of his package.

Hi. We're a part of that 2/3.

He's going back to Direct TV. He'll be ditching his land line. He told us Friday night that he only calls us on it anyhow. By parceling out the services with other folks, he'll pay a lot less. It seems as though the company should be charging him $101.00 per month, but his bills have been $275.00 and $211.00. He's not impressed by their customer service. When he called about the first month bill (the $275.00 only AFTER he paid it), they said that they would give him a credit and an additional month for free.

That hasn't happened.

Where does that leave us? Well, we'll be internet free for probably 4-5 days. Really, it isn't a bad thing, since I need to get into the studio and get cracking on some work. I'm in the staff show at work in a month and I admit that I have one piece complete.

That isn't quite going to do it.

So, we'll be back online soon enough. He can't believe that the new system that he tried was so incredibly bad. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be the first in line for something brand new and shiny, does it. You've got to give them time to work the kinks out, right? At least, that is how we operate.

So, I don't know when I'll be in or out, but I hope that you have a fantastic week!


Internet impaired blogger

Smiles in my weekend:
- K- very excitedly read her poetry notebook to me, Hubs and to my Aunt and 92 year old grandmother. She gained three credits on her 100 book challenge for that!
- Mike, who I'm convinced still feels bad that we bought 150.00 worth of internet antennas that we didn't need and can't return, brought us a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse tonight. They were from his Apple gone rotten from a love that decided to pour cooking oil into his computer. Guess what? The mouse and keyboard survived just fine. We were working with the original keyboard to the Gateway that we bought in 1998. The mouse that we were using was a reject from him anyhow! How nice to have some new tools. I told him that he just updated us to this decade. ;)
- I figured out how to use Picasa to edit my blog header and to actually include the blog name! :)
- I wrote a bunch of posts for this week, so if my smiles seem thing, it is because I'm not certain that we will have internet access or not. Mike hasn't called this evening, but I'm certain that it will be out for a while. Just know that I'm still smiling!
- That my friend Kim, despite having dumped her bike and bashed her arm badly, did NOT break her arm. She did, however, rip a big hole into her elbow and I could see her bone. Oh, that was too gross. (Yes, it sounds gross, but seeing it was worse.) Thankfully, she has "bones of an 18 year old" so she'll come through just fine.


Rach said...

Well, *this* stinks. :o(

We'll see you when you're back on and miss you until the.

HUGS! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope you're back soon!! I could use a forced internet break. I spent all morning researching which purse to buy. Not exactly a productive morning ;)

Love the new header!!

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