Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good things and blessings

First, we got K-'s report card today. I'm pleased that she scored straight +'s (the Kindergarten equivalent to straight A's.) It made our hearts happy to know that though she had a spot of wiggle-wormedness, she seems to be back on track with focus and is doing well. Today she has an awards assembly and she gets a certificate for perfect attendance last grading period. She may be getting a Kindergarten Achievement Award, but I'm not certain. Still, we are so proud of her!

We gave her the good report card prizes that we picked up. I found a little Cinderella snow globe for her. Once we confirmed the straight +'s, I picked up some Japanese erasers that I had set aside for her at work. (An eraser bag with the giraffe, panda, vanilla ice cream cone and the banana.) I figured that it is a neat little treat (cheap) that she can collect. When I was a kid, I know that I would have completely dug the Japanese erasers.

Billy is dealing with some stress from several different angles, but he is holding together beautifully. Truly, not generally his strong suit, but it is amazing how well he can handle life when he isn't all strung out on drugs. He has a new appreciation for things. He is really trying to make things right and to pay up debts. He has made himself very available to his children despite the circumstances that exist with the protection order.

I spoke with Dumpy, my other brother, today. He is sad that he won't be there for my dad's hernia surgery tomorrow, but I explained that LeAnne is out of town, Billy is working and so is he. I told him that I'll be there. I reminded him that it is our 3rd hernia surgery, so I'll give him a call when everything is done.

It has been nice and steady this week at work between restocking shelves with new merchandise and with holiday shoppers. It will probably be a little more quiet next week, but we'll take the little increase in traffic. It is nice!

Smiles in my day:
- Something fun that I found. Write your name in Chinese. How much fun is that?
- K-'s Easter hat parade. She's so excited to wear that hat that I made for her.
- The Storm Chaser DVD's came in. We're excited to be able to watch all three seasons. So sad that they aren't chasing anymore. We did get a great tornado machine from the Discovery Store online, too. So much fun!

Have a great day!


My dad came through surgery well. Since the hernia was involving the stomach cavity, they absolutely insisted that he not be awake at all for the surgery. He has been under anesthetic twice before with very bad results. The first time, he went into cardiac arrhythmia and had to be shocked back. The second time he became violent and pulled all his lines out. With his track record, he feared a repeat performance of one or the other. I'm pleased to say that with his history, they gave him a bit more anesthesia to keep him in a little deeper sleep and it worked. The surgery was a success and he was eating graham crackers and drinking ginger ale when I left.

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns!


Rach said...

I think the Japanese erasers are the coolest thing. I would have KILLED for some as a kid. Great gift! :o)

Praying for your dad as he goes through yet another surgery. Please keep us posted.


Rach said...

Thank goodness all went well. I've been awaiting an update.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Congrats to K on good "+"'s!! Glad that Dad came through well. Prayers are always said for you and yours.

Michelle said...

congrats on the awesome report card K!

Thanks for the update on your dad- so glad all went well with his surgery!