Friday, March 19, 2010

6 miles

I walked K- to school this morning, hung out and volunteered for an hour and walked back.

I walked back to school to get K- this afternoon. We hung out and let her play until the bell rang (15 minutes after school was over) and we walked home.

I walked K- back to school for the Camp H- reading event this evening. We hung out, had a pizza dinner, sang camp songs and laughed at the staff as they filled in where the no-show story teller was supposed to be. When we left, they gave each child a drawstring back pack with two books in it. Then we walked back home.

Y'all, I've walked 6 miles today. I'm good with that. Lord knows that the posterior needs some help from our Blessed Lord.

In between all of that, I got caught up on my laundry from being a little behind due to cold/allergies this week. I was able to hang a few loads on the line, wash towels and a variety of other things. It was good.

I had a 10 AM meeting with our pastor and one of the church members to work on a church history display. I started working on it and got bogged down by a ton of details that I couldn't fit into proper places. Last year I also ran across a letter signed-- in ink!-- by Charles Stanley. That one made me stop and call my mom. Mom always had us listen to the Christian radio station growing up and Charles Stanley was one of the guys. At any rate, after we got done discussing the find, we tossed some ideas around. I'll be the one to set the display. The other church member is in charge of hunting down the details. Pastor is the guy in charge of all, so we'll run all details past him. At least it is moving forward.

Then, I sandwiched in spring cleaning the living room. I thought I would start with the easiest room. Kind of a way to ease myself into it. It took me a few hours, since I moved all of the furniture around, washed the windows inside and out, including tracks, the door glass inside and out, dusted and all that.

I was so thankful that school was providing us dinner tonight, because I didn't have time to cook any!

After school, K- decided that her attitude needed a little adjustment and figured that perhaps a small nap would be a good idea. At that point, the child had already walked 2 miles, had been out for recess, gym and "necklace time" (AKA centers.) She was a wet rag. After she got up from her much needed spot of slumber, we tackled homework. We read books then, but when we got back from the reading event at school, K- wanted to read more. And more. And more. It took a half hour, but she read the entire book of Ten Apples Up on Top to me. There were only a few words that she needed help on. That's good with me!

Now that I'm sitting, I have to admit that I'm tired. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, and all this was completely without caffeine! :) The sun came out and I need caffeine no more. I have a little bit of an addiction to my one can of pop per day, but I have Diet Cherry 7-Up, since that was what was on sale and I'm cheap. Well, when it comes to soda, which is a completely unnecessary purchase.

A side note: There is nothing on TV this evening. I have it playing in the background and fear that I will have to step away to put a DVD in. Hold on . . . okay. I've put The Village on. Much more my speed. I'm sure that your life is more complete knowing that.

K-'s Easter watch arrived today. I think that she'll like it. It has a stretchy band that Hubs and I are both curious about, but I'm hoping that it holds well. I think that it'll do just fine.

I did remember the little silver ring that I bought for K- a few years ago. I bought it at work and tied it onto her Easter basket. Sadly, it was too big. This evening, I pulled it out. Guess what? It fits! She was so excited with it that she kissed it. It has a little enameled butterfly on it, with antenna that could catch on sweaters. I taught her how to turn the ring to the inside as she puts her sleeve on, then to flip it back out so she doesn't pull her sweaters. She thought that lesson was pretty neat. It's hard to find quality jewelry for young girls, so I was happy to put this one up until it fit properly. I'm happy that she is so thrilled with it!

Soon and very soon, we will be a part of the large Zhu Zhu pet family. Aunt K- sent K-'s Easter gift and Jilly with a Hawaiian skirt were included. I laughed and said that I'm thankful to skip the hamster smell. K- will love it. She sent it in an Easter basket with candy. Oh, K- will be so surprised!

Smiles in my day:
- The gorgeous weather and the ability to line dry laundry to allow me to catch back up.
- Reading night.
- K-'s excitement for reading.
- We have marigolds up in our little greenhouse. :) More is to sprout soon, I'm sure!
- Hubs talking and talking about work. He just needed to unload. He told me how thankful he is that he can come home and unload.
- Being tired. Hopefully, I'll sleep all night tonight. My cold/allergies have made sleep a bit spit-spotty. It's sad that I know the middle-of-the-night programming line-up.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rach said...

Yup, I'm pooped just reading this. :oP What a day. What a walk. Wow!

I was thinking of getting Lil as Zuzu (or however you spell it) pet for Easter. That Hawaiian skirt is too funny! :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Of course Lily would love it. My mind takes me to thoughts of a dead mole . . . I don't know that Holly or Waylen will be game for it, though. ;)

Rach said...

Oh, Holly would LOOOOOOOOOVE it, lol! ;oP