Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Turbo Tax & State/City eFile

I am so happy! I was able to get all of my taxes filed on Friday at the bargain price of $15.92! That saved us at least $60.00. You see, I took our taxes to a tax preparer for the last 12 years. We owed one year-- big-- and I was afraid that I would goof everything up. After all, numbers are on the wrong side of the artist brain. So we got past the icky "we owe" stuff, then we adopted K-. Adopting a child gives you a big fat credit that you chip away at over 5 years. Okay, so I didn't want to goof that up. We've officially passed that adoption credit time frame and since I was less than thrilled with the tax preparer that took over our lovely tax man's office, I decided to branch out and try to do the taxes on my own.

Oh, it was lovely. Turbo Tax came to my rescue. I filed only federal, since Turbo Tax wanted $36.95 to eFile my state refund. I'm pleased to say that Turbo Tax was easy and would have taken me much less time if the internet didn't keep kicking off line. (We're working on getting that fixed.)

I had saved the state card when it came in, so the address for eFiling was listed there. To file with the state of Ohio online was free. It also took less than 5 minutes and saved us the additional $36.95.

I also saved the city card when it came in. Our city also eFiles, so while it took a bit of time to load (I blame both my connection and the city site), I was able to easily file it with no charge to do so.

I am so excited that it is all done. D-O-N-E, done! :)!!!

Rest assured that you can have a numerically challenged brain like me and do just fine filing your own taxes.

Filing our own taxes works for us!

Smiles in my day:
- Join in on the comments on my previous day's post. I would really love to know your thoughts. It was a most upsetting thing to me.
- Flipping the fixin's of ham and bean soup into the Crock-Pot tonight so that I'll have a nice, hot lunch tomorrow. Yes, I realize that the smell of it cooking overnight may keep me awake.
- K- got her interim report card today. (It feels like just last week was report cards.) She did excellent overall, but needs some help with her handwriting. Each day, we'll do some handwriting homework to add onto her homework to turn in for the week. Any suggestions you have, feel free to toss them my way.
- Being able to help my brother by bringing him a food order drop.
- Rachael had a wonderful visit with her OB today. Miss Ellie is baking rather nicely. :)

Have a great day!


Rach said...

We have been using Turbo Tax since we were first married and it has saved us HEAPS of time and trouble. I'm SOOOO happy it worked for you! :o) The best part is your return is in your bank within twelve days (it was sooner for us).

Hooray for some happy smilies! :o)

Anonymous said...

We use Turbo Tax also. It's wonderful!!

jmberrygirl said...

Handwriting--have her make notes to grandparents or other loved ones. Breaks up the monotony of drill after drill after drill...