Thursday, February 11, 2010


I promised snow pictures from this weekend. Here goes!
The RAV? Remember that it is red. The Tercel? It is under there, I promise. Ah! See! I promised it was there. Hubs is in the car, thinking that he can actually back up over the remainder of the snow that he didn't shovel. He ended up having to get out and shovel more. Hard to see because of all the blowing and drifting, but this was our road. One set of tracks. So there is Hubs continuing to shovel, all the while apologizing that he won't have time to dig me out. It took two of us, but we shoveled, Hubs pushed, I rocked the car back and forth and we got him on the secondary and on his way. Then I came back to deal with this. And this. But look! I found the RAV. I couldn't reach the roof, though. I drove with the mile high snow up there until it blew off. Our roof snow drift. Our wonderful neighbor and his testosterone powered snow blower. After an hour, I managed to have the driveway looking like this. Another view of our roof drift. We'll talk more about that later. A happy kid in deep snow. The sidewalk. I loved how you could see the carved walls that the snow blowers left behind all the way down to the end of the road. On to the igloo. This is part way into piling the snow. As staff photographer, it is my job to stop and take as many pictures as I can. Look at the snow and the shadow. It makes me want to lick the computer monitor. Delicous. Deep foot prints. Remember that roof drift? Well, it had grown to 4 feet and Hubs was concerned for the structural safety of the house. Most of the snow rested on the outer portion of the eaves and were filling the gutters. He didn't want structural damage to the eaves or to have the gutters let loose. Hubs stayed home from church on Sunday so that he could use a variety of garden tools to free our home of the monster snow drift. K- helping with the igloo. She was helping to pack the snow. Hubs adding more to the pile. K- was shoveling, too. A sight not often seen in our neighborhood-- the SNOW PLOW! As staff photographer, it was my job to catch the picture of the plow, as it is as rare for us to see as an Eagle nesting on our property. (No, Eagles don't nest here.) A girl and her borrowed dog (AKA Brandy the next door dog who thinks she lives here) watching the snow plow. More snow packing. K- was good at that! I went to the grocery, came back and there had been a hole dug! A cozy igloo big enough for three. K- is modeling it for us here. Hubs putting the final touches on the doorway. Hubs modeling with the igloo. Just for reference, Hubs is 6' tall. My happy people INSIDE of the igloo. My claustrophobic self inside of the igloo, but with my head at the opening. A happy Hubs! The backside of the igloo. Gives you an idea of the size of it in regard to our humble little home!

We had 15" of snow on Saturday, 4" Tuesday and 4" Wednesday. We're sitting on nearly 2 feet of snow! For the last few days, I've needed to leave work in the middle of the afternoon, pick K- up from school, run her out to my in-law's house and run back to work. My MIL doesn't like to drive in the snow and bless her heart, she tried to go Wednesday afternoon to get her, got about a mile down the road and had to turn around and go back home. It is a bonus to working at a mom and pop. They had no problem in my going to retrieve my child, drop her off and come back. Very nice!

Smiles in my day:
- Getting the driveway shoveled just before Hubs got home. I finished my last flick of snow just as Hubs was coming down the drive.
- We're going to need to free the igloo from the snow drift that is developing at the opening.
- K- got her Valentines done and helped me to put her little bags together. Sixlets are a safe peanut treat, so we put those in, a pencil and her homemade Valentine. She was thrilled to help assemble the bags.
- Hubs going out tonight, regardless of the bad roads, to pick K- up so that I could come home because I didn't sleep. I didn't get to rest because of the driveway, but at least I had time to get it done.

Y'all, I'm tired! Have a great day!


Rach said...

WOW!!!!!!!! I'm INSANELY jealous. I haven't had snow like that since I lived in the 'burg. :sigh:

However, I'm NOT jealous of the shoveling or the drifts. Eek. Jessie is resting under close to three feet of snow right now. Do you have access to her blog? She posted pictures and there's one of Ella almost swallowed by the snow. Yikers!

The M is one amazing human (and such a cutie too)! Look at that igloo--it's AWESOME! :o)

I hope K thoroughly enjoys her Valentine's Day. :o)

Melissa said...

We got about 14 inches on Wednesday. The weekend storm missed us.

And not to scold, but you should use a long broom to push that snow off your roof. Nothing like being behind someone with that on their roof and it flying at you in one big sheet. I have almost wrecked when that happens. Though it does make me giggle when people just dig out a peep hole in thier windshield and the side windows. It especially makes me giggle when I see them in a parking lot and it all slides off on their head.

I am easily amused. And also lazy. I generally get up about 2 hours early and start my car and put the heat on full force. Anything that is left over just slides right off!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I'm too short to reach the roof with even a long broom. Believe me, I tried. Hubs wasn't home or he would have done it.

And yes, I've been behind hunks o' flyin', too. Generally, it is a common theme here lately. My advice if you see snow on the roof, leave a lot more space in anticipation of hunkage.

Michelle said...

wow that was some snow drift hanging on to your roof! and what an igloo that was - very impressive!