Friday, February 19, 2010

Pardon me, but have you seen my red, white and blue striped rheumatism crutch?

(Channeling my inner Uncle Wiggily.)

Okay, I've got a body ache complaint. I always have a body part that takes to aching all. winter. long. Last year, it was my thumb. I had tendonitis, the doctor put me in a splint and it made it worse. The cure? Warm weather.

This year, I have the hip pain again. It is an every other year thing. A few years ago, I had this awful pain, couldn't tell if it was a hip or ovary so I had the undercarriage inspected :mmm, hmmm: and it truly was just the hip. The right hip. The hip that I insist that will be my first replacement part.

Maybe they will make them in fashion colors then.

So, I find myself longing for warmth this week. So does my husband. He ends up getting a tad bit of the chills an hour after the thermostat kicks down, so he gets into bed and absolutely cranks the electric blanket on his side of the bed.

I've been awake the last two nights feeling like a chicken in a 350 F roaster. Wow. Still, all that incredible heat therapy that my husband's side of the bed is radiating to my side is not helping my old, aching hip.

Am I 36 or 63?!

Still, regardless to the 36 F temperature that my computer currently has on read (the warmest that we have been in about a month) I would love to walk to school to get K-. Too bad people don't clean their sidewalks. Why don't they? I don't know if I told you that the fine, fine city that I live in states that if you clean your walk and someone falls, you are liable for whatever injury that they suffer. However, if you choose not to clean your walk and someone falls, voila!-- Act of God. (I know, punctuation isn't my strongest thing. Just ignore the problematic punctuation that makes you twitch.) That bugs the heck out of me, but my coworker complained to the Mayor about this very thing when she moved back. In NYC, if you don't clean your sidewalk you get fined. Period. Here in good ole No Name City, Ohio folks were clogging the courts with their, "I was walking in the winter and fell so it must be someone else's fault but mine" suits are the reason that they made the clear-your-walk-risk-being-sued ruling.

Dumb, I tell you.

On a different subject completely, guess what song I found that I love on a new CD Hubs got for me?

I had to go with the Jimmy Kimmel Live version, as the Ben Folds video was a little too inappropriate to put up here.

I do have to say that Regina Spektor is a cross between a short Tori Amos and Edie Brickell. In fact, I swore that it was Edie Brickell until I saw the song credits. Who knew?

Smiles in my day:
- Helping K-'s principal hang the updates to the 100 book challenge wall. Such a great guy!
- The little girl from K-'s class that came out from breakfast and gave me a big hug. How sweet!
- Preparing K-'s Presidential Show and Tell was a project for me today. I have saved newspapers from each of the campaigns that K- has been alive for. I've also saved buttons, bumper stickers, mailers and the plastic portion of the signs from our yard. I searched through the CD photo archives to find the pictures that I took of K- with the presidential yard signs. It took me a while, but I found them and transferred them to Walgreen's for printing. Each presidential packet is Food Saver sealed with her pictures, so she can take them and not worry about anything happening to the contents.
- When K- and I were walking down the school sidewalk, I noticed that her friend's van had driven up. D- had been out for a few days and it made K- sad. So, she anxiously waited for D- to make his way down the sidewalk, took his hand then mine and walked down the sidewalk together. The mom smiled a big smile and I gave her a thumbs up. D- is such a nice boy. The two walked all the way to the school holding hands and even stood there waiting holding hands. I'm so happy that none of the kids standing there made fun of them. As a side note though, my daughter towers over D- by about 5" or so. It's hilarious!

Have a great day!

And yes, I realize that the song is old, but we buy used CD's. Sometimes we aren't quite up with the times until a year or more after!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Our walk is clear. Of course we don't have sidewalks so it's the one to our front door but if you come over you'll have a clear path :)

My hip has been hurting all winter too. It's making me feel really old.

Rach said...

Where the heck have I been today?!? I can't believe I'm only now chiming in.

My hips are killing me too! ;oP LOL! I'm SO sorry you are in pain. This hip thing is a killer.

Sidewalks? Who knows. B'burg has an ordinance and everyone abides by it, same as NYC. We have our sidewalks cleared within 24 hours of a snow storm. Period. Everyone, from homeowners to downtown merchants.

Melissa said...

HAH - This is kind of funny (the snow clearing part).

You will automatically get a ticket if your sidewalks arent cleared here (even though they are deemed not your property)

But if they see you driving with snow on your roof you get a $200 ticket. $2000 if you are a trucker.

Jamie said...

There are no laws where we live. Well, there are but they don't enforce them, so it is the same as not having any. They canceled school for a week to allow residents time to clear the sidewalks but no one did. Last week I came home every single trip ( I walk two kids both ways at different times so I make 4 trips) with wet feet because the snow was so high.

I did fall in the snow (in my own yard) and sprained my ankle. I am so paranoid that I am going to fall again. Luckily, PA is an "at fault state" so I could sue someone if I got hurt on their sidewalk. It stinks, I hate it too.