Monday, February 8, 2010

A family of Eskimos would be very happy.

Folks, my husband spent 4 hours outside this afternoon building an igloo in our front yard. Oh, it is quite an igloo. K- helped and so did I, but it was 98% Hubs. The sucker is about 5 1/2 feet tall by about 7 feet wide. All three of us do fit inside, though I made sure to keep my head close to the entrance hole, as I'm horribly claustrophobic in situations such as that. Yes, I got many pictures and as soon as we are functioning on our own computer, I'll be able to post those as well as our snow storm pictures.

Speaking of, we had:
- 15" of snow
- 29" snow drifts
- A 7 hour delivery delay on the newspaper
- No mail delivery whatsoever, since mail trucks are rear wheel drive and don't drive on snowy streets that well. Keep in mind that our mail is brought in by the truck, but the carriers walk the neighborhood. Still, no mail carriers to be found.
- Hubs managed to get to work on time regardless of the unplowed expressways on the way there.
- The Children's Tea at the library still occurred, even though their original reservation list was for 60 and they had no where near that.
- After the tea, I painted the pigs of three little girls and the handies of two. We had Aunt Amy's Beauty Shop where I pulled out all of K-'s nail polish, nail rhinestones, nail stickers, the foot bath, massaging glass marbles and towels. The girls had a good time, even though my niece J- said that her feet had "the wiggles, Aunt Amy." Her paint job looked like she had the wiggles, too!
- The snow plow showed up! :)! It was so nice of them to show up! On a dead end, it is a rare occurrence, so I even took pictures. (Hubs says that I'm worse than a Japanese tourist with my camera.) The plow didn't even make all the swipes up and down the road when the festival of snow blowers were out in full force to free the ends of the driveways so that we could exit without baja-ing over a mountain of snow. Such nice neighbors we have!
- Hubs stayed home from church on Sunday to free our roof of some pretty heavy snow. We had managed to get a 4 foot snow drift on our roof that was growing by leaps and bounds over the gutter and hanging in mid air. Hubs was concerned about all of the weight on both the eaves and gutters, so he stayed home and used a variety of garden tools to remove it. He stopped in at Sears and bought a travel shovel for the car, which seemed to work out best. We've decided to have him leave it in his car, since he has had to dig himself out of a snow bank with a snow scraper. Hooray for Hubs watching out for our house! I knew that the drift was growing and was concerned about it, but didn't know how Hubs would be able to remove the snow. I'm glad that he didn't go up on the roof! I didn't want him to fall off!

We had a good weekend. Seems as though the Chex mix that I bought as Super Bowl munchies gave K- a monster stomach ache, so I have her suited up in case the Chex mix doesn't stay where she put it. Let's hope that the stomach ache is just from the Worcestershire's sauce like Hubs thinks that it is.

Smiles in my weekend:
- Included above.

Have a great day!


K- woke up with a little bit of a belly ache, but ate a piece of dry toast and that soaked up whatever was left of the Chex Mix stomach ache problem. She's happily off at school, stomach ache free.

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Rach said...

Wow! I can't WAIT to see the igloo! :o)

I had to lol at the differences in our situations. You get 15" of snow and 29" drifts and have school on-time. Me? I get 3" and have a two hour delay, lol. ;oP

I'm glad K is feeling better. I've had Chex Mix wonk up my stomach once or twice. Ick.