Saturday, February 6, 2010

11 Winters

We have lived at our home for 11 winters. Folks, we have never seen snow here like this ever. Since my husband grew up smack dab in the snowbelt, he is fairly used to high amounts of snow.

Even this one surprised him.

The AM began with opening the back door and the door swept over the snow.

That has never happened.

The snow is to my knee, but drifts are to my hips. Grant you, I'm 5' 3/4", but still, that is a whole lot of snow.

It took us a half hour to dig Hubs out. Initially, he thought that he could swing it himself, but quickly he saw that he really did need me. (Side note, isn't it a great feeling when you know that your spouse still truly needs you?!) He shoveled. I shoveled. He tried to get his car out, but discovered that the little motorized snowball did need a push. I rocked it back and forth and he gave intermittent pushes until I reached the secondary road. I drove it about 1/2 block up the secondary to assure that I cleared all the yuck. (The snow was up to his bumper +.)

I'm glad to report that I checked in and Hubs just arrived. I was talking with his boss who said that since Hubs' program wasn't scheduled until 2:00 PM, he didn't need to rush. Then, Hubs came walking down the sidewalk. I told his boss that Hubs is die-hard and if he tells someone that he will something, come hell or high snow, it will happen.

So, that leaves me with three little girls eagerly awaiting a Children's Valentine Tea at the library. Surprisingly, the tea doesn't appear to have been canceled. The universities and schools in the area are. If the tea does get canceled, we will be having a tea with my mom.

The neighbor had designs on leaving, but with our road being the way that it is, his soccer mom van (a late 80's model, I believe) will not make it up the road. Period. I told him to take my truck (remember, he is the neighbor that gives us much stuff and has loaned me his lap top -- the same one that I'm writing this post on right now.) My truck is dug out, wiped off as much as I can get and wow. It'll get him where he needs to go. Right now, he is busy clearing the neighbors drives of snow.

When my computer is connected back to the internet, I'll post the pictures that I took.

In the meantime, snuggle up, have a cup of tea and be well!


Rach said...

HOLY COW! That is some snow y'all have!! :o) Color me INSANELY jealous! ;oP

I'm glad M is in one piece and all is well on that front.

Jessie called to tell me they have over 2' of snow (it's taller than the dog at this point) and no electricity and that it's about 45 degrees in the house. Grace slept in her bed all night, meaning Jessie DIDN'T sleep. oy.

Lil's playground is a swimming pool, soon to be an ice rink from the looks of it.

I just got back from the store (had to pick up tummy-safe products) and the precip changed from rain to ice and now to snow. We might get that 3"-5" yet! :fingers crossed: :o)

Enjoy your abundance--I can't WAIT to see pix!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I just measured our abundance according to my parts. To the knee, it is roughly 16". To the hip, it is about 28-29". My dear neighbor Mike has been singlehandedly blowing the street out for us. He has been out for 2 hours. Bless his heart.

Be well! GET SNOW! But don't be like Jessie. ARGH!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

You guys got it instead of us for once. Glad that you didn't get buried. This mornings temp of -2 has me glad that J is home sick and M had to take the bus. I feel badly that he had to go out in the cold, but glad that I get to stay in.