Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: My brother Billy.

My poor brother. Truly, the boy couldn't catch a break if it was personally handed to him.

He had his kids this weekend. They had a great time. He returned them on Sunday, as per his order and was called later by his soon-to-be ex to come pick his son up because he was one hot mess and she couldn't get him to calm down. My nephew is 7 and has officially hit his breaking point. So, my brother went to pick his son up.

Again, my nephew is 7.

My nephew is ill.

My nephew lives with his mom in the hood.

So, my brother went on the property, picked his son up and all was well. His ex-wife calls, demands that he return his son and he said no. He said that my nephew didn't want to return.

My brother went to the courts and filed divorce papers today. He took his son to his doctor's appointment. On their way out, my mom said that they were all laughing until they looked up and realized that my brother's ex, her boyfriend and her mother were out yelling at them from her boyfriend's car. Then, police cars come into the parking lot and block my mother's vehicle in.

They were coming to take my brother in handcuffs.


His ex went to the police station of the city where the doctor's office is at and told them that my brother kidnapped his own child.

Again, what?!

So, they ran records on everyone and found that her boyfriend had a warrant. He was hauled off in cuffs. As far as my nephew is concerned, the police (against what they wanted to do, as the one walked away in tears) had to return my nephew to his mother.

This evening, my brother called to have me look the record up of his ex's boyfriend. I couldn't find it, but was trying to cross reference for his name spelling when I ran across a charge that my brother's ex filed on him today.

My brother has a warrant out for his arrest because he stepped on the property to pick his sick 7 year old son up and that put him in violation of her temporary restraining order that she falsely filed against my brother this past fall.

My brother will probably go to jail tomorrow. He is going to turn himself in tomorrow at 7:30 AM.

Please pray for my brother Billy. He is just trying to do right by his kids. He is clean and trying to secure a job.

He is really trying.

As for me, my stomach is burning and the zantac is not working. Hopefully, my worry is not burning the stomach lining out. Perhaps it is too much pop and the garlic bread that I consumed. Hopefully . . .

Smiles suspended in request for prayer.


Michelle said...

oh that is just awful! I can't believe she would file a report knowing SHE is the one who called HIM to come to the house to pick up their son! Where does he drop the kids off at? Their house? Isn't he on the property then?

It's obvious he wasn't 'kidnapping' his son either since he brought him to a dr appt; he didn't take off with him and couldn't be found.

Also, they should do a check of phone records then they will see that she did call him that evening. And also, how improbable does it seem that he 'kidnapped' his son...she wouldn't have let their child go with him when he showed up in the first place, he obviously didn't forcibly remove him from the home!

I really hope and pray this foolish report is dismissed and everything turns out ok for your brother; especially since he's trying to do right...I feel so angry for him!

Rach said...

I'm physically ill about this. This is the most awful thing I have read in quite a while and it breaks my heart your brother is in this situation.

I'm praying as hard as I can and hope to goodness the law comes down on his side, that all people in positions of authority are willing to listen and realize this woman is nothing but a junkie who is looking for revenge.

Hugs to you and hugs to Billy too.

Nina Diane said...

sounds like he needs a good lawyer to guide him through this mess. I will pray for him and his children and hope everything works out in the end.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh Crap... I'm so sorry. I'm praying for your brother, the kids and for you. I'm also praying that the ex-SIL grows up and starts to act like the mother she is.

Melissa said...

Ouch. I really hope the police can see through her bogus report.