Thursday, January 28, 2010

I shall brag on my daughter.

It was report card day. K- earned the Kindergarten equivalent to straight A's! She improved the two checks that she had to pluses. (Is that how you spell that?!) She raised her reading score from 23/29 to 50/50. She counted to 100 by one's, five's and ten's. She knew all the other stuff that was asked of her and only missed 1/2 day because the teacher sent her home after a lunchtime vomiting incident.

We couldn't ask for more. So, we rewarded her with this. I scored it off the Target clearance rack for $8.25, which was a super deal!



Rach said...

Hooray for K!!!!!! :o) That is fantastic! :o)

What a way to begin my day with a smile. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Brag a way! Go K! Great job!