Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buy me!

Have you ever been suckered into one of those "seen on TV" things? The stuff sounds good, but then you get it and well, sometimes notsogood.

Our local newspaper will run trials on "seen on TV" items, but this article ran Thursday on Yahoo.

So what do I have that is a "seen on TV" thing? I do have the Ronco Food Dehydrator. I have to tell you that the sucker works. It is great! I haven't used it in quite some time, but I used to dehydrate fruit for Hubs all the time.

Mom decided to buy the Debbie Meyer Green Bags for everyone for Christmas. She apparently found them on a rockin' good deal. When we got ours (Christmas was delayed, remember!) Hubs had just bought far too many bananas. I was excited and decided to plunk our many pounds in the bags. The next night, Hubs called to me. The bananas? They looked worse than they did on the counter and they had begun to liquify. Sorry Debbie, but your green bags aren't so green. Actually, the findings from Yahoo were the same. They said that they did see green, as in mold.

I tell you, Billy Mays was quite a pitchman. I admit that he sold the repair stuff that is supposed to solidify and hold to just about anything. Wow. I still want to try that! Oh look! I found it!

We'd love to try the Worx GT.

We've kidded about this one for years. Hubs has laughed. I think he'd actually use it if we had it.

So what "seen on TV" item have you seen that you would like to try?

Smiles in my day:
- All the laundry is washed and hung to dry.
- We've rescheduled Christmas and birthday celebrations with my friend Heather tomorrow. I'll surprise her with brownies!

Have a great day!

For the record: Dear FTC, These are my own opinions and no one sent me anything to try. If I tried something, it was because I purchased it, longed for it or unfortunately received it as a part of a Christmas gift. The end.


Rach said...

LOL! We have a number of As Seen on TV products in our house. The most recent purchase were Sham-Wows. They actually work. With a Lil in the house, you can bet we have liquid accidents all the time. :oP We've wanted to try Mighty Putty, and my guess is it probably works fairly well.

Did you ever watch the show "Pitchmen" on Discovery before Billy Mays died? He and Anthony "Sully" Sullivan put the products the pitched through rigorous testing and wouldn't hawk anything they didn't believe in. It was a really cool show, actually. :o)

As for that Flowbee, yeah, my mom was tempted for years...;o)

Oh, and the green bags? That was one of the science fair projects from last year that was so awesome. The young lady came to the same conclusion you and Hubs and the Yahoo article did. Utterly worthless. :oP

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I heard those green bags were a rip off. But they still sell them on TV and at the check out line of Wal*Mart so someone must be still buying those things.

I got a Snuggee for Christmas from the inlaws. A bright pink one. It's not so bad. It's nice if you're on the couch or in a chair, but don't try to walk in it. It's so stinkin' long that you'll trip and kill yourself.
The kids laugh at me when I wear it :)