Friday, December 25, 2009

No red suit here. Santa came in hazmat.

A picture is worth a thousand words, yes? At pretty much 12 AM, I had just crawled into bed. I was enjoying the warmth of my electric blanket when I heard an awful sound. I had no idea what it was, but I knew I needed to get up to check it out.

"Mommy? I just puked." Yes. Yes she did.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. I just had a bad tummy ache. Mommy? Can we still go and do presents at people's houses?"

"No baby. We'll just have Christmas another day."

"Mommy? Will Santa still come?"


Surprisingly, she missed the bed and while she hit the floor, she did get to the garbage can that we leave right next to her bed.

So, I gave her some Oscillococinum as I figured that it couldn't hurt. She did sleep until 6:45 AM, when she got up ill again.

I felt so bad for this kid!

She decided that she wanted to open gifts and she did that between bouts of illness. No, we did not videotape that part.

Hubs felt bad because after doing K-'s stockings with her (yes two, because the fingerpaints wouldn't fit in the other) we realized that in the hub-bub of illness, Hubs forgot to put my gifts under the tree!

So long story short, we've been home. We've peeked out from under the hazmat tent, but it hasn't seemed like Christmas. I didn't get to give out the gifts that I had purchased. No Christmas breakfast with Hubs' family. No Christmas lunch with mine. No brothers were there to pick on me. I didn't share dish duty with my sister.

I ate shredded wheat and 4 packaged chocolate chip cookies today. I didn't want to cook anything and make K- sick to her stomach from the smell. (That always happens with me when I'm digestively ill.)

Mom would have dropped off a dinner plate, but my siblings ate everything. :( (She scaled back her cooking knowing that we weren't going to be there and my sister's clan wasn't going to eat, but they they ended up eating, leaving mom with just enough food for those in attendance.)

We were able to open our gifts together. We spent the day together. I've taken a few naps. I normally don't nap, but I got no sleep last night. I ended up shaking, cold and feeling as if I were going to be ill. I would fall asleep and be up literally 5 minutes later. K- napped today, too. Hubs worked on making a cape for Darth Vader.

Right now, K- has perked up and is finally playing with her Christmas loot. I hear the doggie park right now. She is laughing, up and functioning. Hubs has run off with the DS that he bought me, playing the Over the Hedge game. (He bought me the Brain Age games and I've played those all day. Hopefully, I will improve my brain age, as it definitely doesn't score at 36.)

So this year we will run alternate Christmas celebrations. We'll be having breakfast dinner with my in-law's on Tuesday evening. We'll be having New Year's dessert at my parents house. We are thankful for the ability to move the holiday, as we have our health and family.

A Merry Christmas to all of you!


Rach said...

Oh. Oooooh. Poor baby. :o( That is the saddest, yet sweetest photo. I'm so sorry she was so ill and that you seem to be coming down with it as well. :o(

I am however happy she was able to enjoy her presents later. What a sweetheart. :o)

I had to lol because B got me a DS (red and black) two years ago, the identical gift I got him! ;o) We also got each other Brain Age games and Flash Focus. Too funny!

I hope everyone is well tomorrow. Being sick on Christmas is the pits--happened to me when I was four, I know.

But you know, sometimes extended Christmas is more fun and less tiring. It spreads the season out a bit with no post-Christmas letdown.

HUGS to Miss K and to you dealing with the ick.

Merry Christmas!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I felt so bad for her, but she sprang up off of the cot this AM (I slept in the living room with her) and she is fine. It was a 24 hour thing that just so happened to involve all the hours of Christmas.

I remember having the stomach funk for a few Easters. I think it is because mom left the eggs out after we colored them, but who knows?

I've asked for a DS for a few years-- since Brain Age came out. He was able to get me a brand new pre-owned model with the case for about $50.00 off. The guys at the used CD store know him so well that when he told them that he wanted to purchase a DS for his wife, they went through the entire stack until they found him a brand new one at a used price. It is a sparkly dark blue. I'll have to put Flash Focus on my list. ;)

I suppose if Christmas at home was a choice we made it would have been okay. We always do our family visiting early, so that we are home by 3 to spend the rest of the day together. K- sacked out for a few hour nap in the afternoon and so did I. We never got out of our pajamas. Her pretty Christmas dress still hangs in my closet. Selfishly, it made my heart sad. Truly, the reason we celebrate is because of Christ's birth, but we also enjoy sharing with others. We enjoy spending time together with our families and frankly, it is hard to get all of my siblings in the same spot and one time anymore. Again, a purely selfish thing.

I'm pleased to say that K- is up, running around, eating (without being prompted to do so), drinking (without being prompted to do so) and playing with all of her carefully chosen Christmas loot.

Onward to a day of crafting! She got many kits for her birthday and has been pestering me to do them with her.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jamie said...

Poor, poor baby.

I was sick almost every year on christmas and my birthday as a child. It was never any fun but eventually I grew out of that. I rarely get sick now, so hopefully as an adult she will never get sick!!

Glad that your christmas turned out well in the end.

Michelle said...

Oh I am so sorry that K was so sick and your plans with family had to be canceled :( Sounds like you made the best of it - as well as you could anyway!