Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Bailey's Leaf Christmas Meme

I've decided to do a little Christmas Meme post. Here's a little something I whipped up. Feel free to copy it and play along on your blog.

1. What is your favorite Christmas song?
O, Holy Night.
2. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
Hershey kiss cookies.
3. What is your preference? Giver or receiver?
4. Wrap or bags?
5. Bake or cook?
For Christmas, bake. Both any other time.
6. Cut-outs or drop cookies?
Drop. I'm not a fan of doing cut-outs.
7. Christmas socks or Christmas sweaters?
Christmas socks.
8. White or multi-colored lights?
9. Real or artificial tree?
Artificial. Hubs would have a massive allergy problem with a real tree.
10. Star or angel at the top?
A star that I scored at the grocery on clearance for $1.00. It is a great star!
11. Outdoor decorations-- lights or blow-ups?
Lights, though I will admit to one blow-up penguin. Blow-ups are not my favorite, though they crop up by the dozens around here (sometimes that many per very small front yard.) My sight impaired aunt bought it for my daughter when she was 2 and K- loves it. We have it near the fence and we blow it up once or twice for K-. The rest of the time, it lies flat in the yard.
12. All year shopper or shop during the season?
All year! I start my Christmas shopping for the following year on December 26, the day after we just celebrated!
13. Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate. Egg nog doesn't sound appetizing.
14. Fruitcake-- a great treat or a fantastic doorstop?
Never had fruit cake, though K- had some recently. She liked it. To me, it looks a bit too petrified for my taste.
15. Theme tree or family ornament tree?
Used to be a Victorian theme, but turned into a family ornament tree when we got K-.
16. Rudolph or Frosty?
Rudolph. Frosty is not my favorite.
17. Speaking of, what is your favorite Christmas movie?
A Christmas Story!
18. Favorite seasonal food?
Hmmm. Peppermint stick ice cream.
19. Handcrafted gifts or thoughtfully purchased gifts?
20. Do you go on a drive to check out the lights?
Yup. We drive around the neighborhood, then go on a drive to see lights with K-. This is how we celebrate her Happy Home Day. (The day that she came to be with us.) This year we are planning on making the trip to Oglebay. We tried to do this for her first Happy Home Day, but she ended up with the yucky stomach flu from court. (Here's your child. They are legally yours. Oh and we infected them with the stomach virus. Have a great life!)

So there you go. You are tagged, if you so choose to be.

Smiles in my day:
- The crank butt lady who yelled at me was really just pressed for time, going out of town this weekend for a few weeks and completely behind on her list of things to be done. Though she didn't say she was sorry for yelling at me, she was very appreciative of our efforts to accommodate her need of immediate attention. Perhaps it is because I took a deep breath right in front of her and very calmly asked, "Ma'am, what can I get out of the case for you?"
- Though the wind gusts have been 60 MPH and I'm sure sustained winds are at least 30 MPH with sudden and very odd blasts of sleet/slush/rain combo dropping from the sky, we were able to be kept safe on our travels home.
- A steady work day makes for a day that goes by at a fairly decent clip.
- The electric blanket that warms my side of the bed before I climb in.
- K-'s 97 sight words. She knows most of them and the ones she is stumped on, she is sounding out. It isn't a perfect process of sounding out, but she's on the way.
- I'm back on-line. More specifically, I'm back on track with my laundry hanging habit and since the heat is on, the clothes dry much faster downstairs than they do during the in-between seasons. A very good thing. In fact, I must go hang the laundry I just washed.

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I like your new color!
We have lots of similar ones. O, Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song and for some reason makes me cry every time I hear it. Weird, huh?
Peppermint Stick Icecream is da' bomb! I'm the only one here that likes it so I don't buy it (my thighs don't need it) but I love it so. I love pumpkin icecream too.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Pumpkin? Didn't know they make pumpkin! :)

If you lived closer, I would split a 1/2 gallon of PStick with you! I'm the only one to eat it here, too!

Rach said...

LOL! I'm the only one in my house who eats the PStick ice cream either! I make the most delicious hot fudge sauce to go on it. Mmmmmmm. :o)

And, Amy, our Bruester's makes a pumpkin cheesecake ice cream that is to die for. :o)