Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Works for My Friend Wednesday: A slip-free shower

My very good friend Cj has Multiple Sclerosis. She is famous for falling. In fact, she fell coming out of the shower a few years ago and broke her hand. Since then, she has been trying to come up with an idea to make her walk-in shower safe. Here's what she had to say:

After my lovely crash out of the shower, I've been trying to come up with a better solution than a shower mat. Problem with a mat is you have to lift it after each shower, then step out by way of the slippery floor.

This solution uses 3M Indoor/Outdoor Tread tape that you use on a deck or boat. I tried the cutsie sticky feet, but even after following the directions precisely AND waiting the 24 hrs., I ended up with a bunch of feet trying to go down the drain after the FIRST shower! This tread tape is absolutely doing the trick.

Thought you'd all benefit from my solution!

So if you or someone you know has a slippery shower problem, here's a great solution for you. Cj reports that there has been no lifting and the tape is pleasant on your feet. She credits the man in her life with having come up with the solution. Thanks, Cj and Guy!

Smiles in my day:
- A good day at work. I met with my boss regarding the tree decorating demo I'm to do on Sunday and she is thrilled with all of my suggestions. She is giving me free reign (hooray!) and allowing me to do the prep work from home while being paid for it.
- Going over the sight words tonight with K-. Boy, that girl is busting it through words left and right. Hooray for reading!
- It was RIF/PTA Book Giveaway Day today at school and K- loved her new Arthur book so much, that she had her grandmother read it to her twice and wanted me to read it for a third time!
- My brother is looking for a job.
- Hubs got his H1N1 shot yesterday, thanks to Leland for coming over from time to time to hang out at our home. Because he is in the baby age zone (not 6 months), both Hubs and I qualified. Sadly, Hubs' dad did not qualify for the shot because of age, regardless to the fact that his cardiologist wants him to have it. My MIL was not pleased, and I don't blame her. We're going to try to cycle my FIL through another H1N1 clinic with an rx in hand.
- The little neighbor girl found a hobby horse unicorn at the dollar store that looks like a miniature version of K-'s now famous Sparkle. Now both girls gallop to school and Michelle and I feel like we are running the mile there! E- has decided to name her hobby horse unicorn "Baby Sparkle." It is hilarious! Have I mentioned that people know us because of Sparkle? I mean, how many kids gallop to school?
- I swear that K- has grown a bajillion inches since last week. Her leggings are now floods and she seems to be a full head taller than her friend, E-. I laughed when K- got together with her classmate Z- this AM. She's towering over him, too!
- Having remembered to put the Festival Choir CD in my CD player in the truck. Practicing the songs as I drive puts me into a lovely mood.

Have a great week!


Rach said...

What an EXCELLENT solution to a very slippery problem. Thanks for sharing!

So, wanna post some of those tips and tricks you'll be demoing? This decorating hound wants to know. :o)

As for Sparkle and Baby Sparkle, hee hee. I bet the two girls are quite the enjoyable sight to behold. How fun! :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Certainly! I'll blast an e-mail off to you letting you know the earlier part of the particulars. I have to admit that most of it, I fake it and somehow it turns out okay.