Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tales from the Trenches: Hodge Podge Day

Quite a few funny and/or neat things. Allow me to share.

1. Remember the Barbie Glam Vacation Home bit with Amazon the other day? Well, we took it as a sign that perhaps we should purchase something else. I saw the Barbie Party Cruise on sale in the Target ad for $29.99. I went up before work and scored it. Hooray! It was a $50.00 boat for $30.00. We were thrilled. The funny part is later on.
2. Both of my bosses were very pleased with the demo I did. Even the big man himself stopped me to tell me how nice my tree was. His wife, my other boss, called me to make mention of it and to say that a compliment from her husband is a big deal as he doesn't hand those out often. :)
3. They used the photographs that I took on the website and their social networking page. :)
4. Hubs and K- came to visit me at work so that they could see my trees. K- came in, took her coat off and made herself at home. I looked at her and noticed something missing. HER SKIRT! Oh sweet Pete! Where was the child's skirt? My husband's response? "You mean, those aren't pants?" as he is pointing at her cotton tights. "No honey, they are tights. They are not pants." He brought my child in without pants to see me. To his credit, she was covered. He didn't even notice that she managed to put her shoes on backwards. Her coat is long enough that I had her put it back on and she looked fine. I'm still laughing about it.
5. He brought me dinner from Wendy's.
6. My co-worker says that Hubs and his loving actions towards me are "dreamy."
7. A few of my co-workers have decided that Hubs is a cute guy. I think so, too. How's that for the kids saying that he was ugly in school?
8. I went by the craft store afterwards and returned some sprigs that I didn't need. (Since they didn't come from my yard, I felt like I was cheating anyhow.) I found that they will have a craft time for the kids on December 4 and 5. Fun!
9. I told my MIL that I would stop by Toys R Us to pick up the Barbie Stable that she wanted for K-. I cruised in and they didn't have it anymore. As I was talking to my MIL, I turned around and laughed. What did they have?
10. The Barbie Glam Vacation Home. Brand new. On the shelf. 5 of them. In front of me. The very item that I couldn't get from Amazon until January 6-21 and the lady at Mattel herself said was delayed for release until 2010. So,
11. With the encouragement of my MIL, I bought the Barbie Glam Vacation Home (she was on the phone with me and talked me through it even though it wasn't on sale.) MIL is buying the Barbie Party Cruise from me, which in the end was the same price as the stable that she didn't get and probably won't find.
12. While at TRU, I looked for the Ariel and Horse that my niece is aching to have. I found one on the shelf. It was $21.00 for the set and as she doesn't need the doll, my sister said to snatch it up since we found it online for $49.00 for the same blasted thing.
13. Then she wanted me to get the Polly water park. Turns out it was a Roller Coaster.
14. Then she wanted me to check out Liv dolls. They were out.
15. So, I checked out, had a total over $100.00, so I saved $10.00. Hoorah!
16. My Target purchases this morning earned me a $5.00 gift card with them. (We also bought her this for her birthday. She'll be so excited, as I purchased Hubs the vintage one for Easter. She's having a Star Wars birthday. Oh, how that child loves Star Wars.)
17. I turned in my homemade work-from-home time card today and they had no problem with paying me my home time. The bookkeeper didn't even question it. In fact, she asked if I had purchased anything because they wanted to be certain that they reimbursed me. How nice!

Smiles sprinkled in above.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA...tights instead of pants..that's priceless!

And yes, your hubby is a cutie. You are a cutie couple!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Tights instead of pants is funny:)
And I always thought your hubby was cute. He's my cousin so it wasn't in a West Virginia sort of way;)

Rach said...

OMGoodness! I can SO see B doing that tights/pants thing with Lil! I'm not kidding! LOL!

Attagirls are always SO lovely to get. Hooray!

As for Hubs, oh, yeah, he's a cutie. :o)