Monday, November 16, 2009

Smell my nose breath

My beloved little person crawled into bed with us early Sunday morning and asked me exactly that. "Mommy. Mommy? Um, smell my nose breath." "No thank you, baby." "No really, Mommy [insert her nose moving up toward my nose]. Smell my nose breath." "K-, really, I'm good. No thank you." "But mom, [insert breathing nose now basically touching my nose] smell my nose breath!" "K-, really. I'm good with NOT smelling your nose breath. Your nose breath could be gross and I really don't want to be smelling that right now." My then defeated little person decided that snuggling up was good enough. She opted to keep her nose breath to herself. I was thankful for that.

It was a tough parental weekend. You know those days when you would like to sit at the table and repeatedly bang your head against it for knowing that at least that way you would actually be accomplishing something?

We had the battle of the wills this weekend. Since I can't be put in time out, I would say that I won.

K-'s crabbiness started when she left school on Friday. She was hungry and I had snacks for her to have. We picked my aunt up and took her to Super Wal. My aunt is sight impaired and has mobility issues, so going to the store is not something she gets to do that often. When we got to the Wal, no motorized carts were available at the door we went to. I had to go down to the other door and fetch a motorized cart.

Folks, I had never operated one of those things in my life. I now know why my grandmother runs into everything. Sheesh.

So, K- and I were able to make it back down to my aunt and we went off and on our way. Auntie D- kept remember what she needed when she was on the opposite side of the grocery section. We flip flopped a few times, but got her nearly all that she needed. K- needed to use the restroom in the midst of the flip flopping and the one at the front of the store was closed for cleaning. She did make it to the back and handled all of her business. She was still crabby, though. She was fixated on the fact that she was thirsty. Every 10 seconds she would tell me. As any good germaphobe mommy, the drinking fountains at the Wal are ABSOLUTELY OFF LIMITS PERIOD. I would rather shrivel up from dehydration than drink from a major public fountain. The one at church is pushing it, but I know that one gets cleaned all the time.

I'm sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, Aunt D- and her shopping trip. Y'all, she spent so much time looking and looking in ALL sections of the store that I started fading out and K- finally asked when we were going to go home.

Aunt D- wore us out. It is probably because I have a distinct dislike for the Wal anyhow (watching the movie didn't help that, but I have had a bit of a dislike for quite sometime now anyhow), but it didn't help that they didn't have what I was looking for anyhow.

We dropped Aunt D- off and scooted on home. We started working on the Jesse Tree ornaments that were due on Sunday night for the big ornament exchange party.

Saturday morning began with a true crankensteiner. K- ended up with a few time-out's before we even left for Amish Country. In fact, it put is about a half hour behind where we wanted to be for leaving. That's okay. I made it to Amish Country in record time. No, my truck doesn't have wings but let us just say that the traffic had a good flow in sections. K- was mad that we didn't take the "tiny TV" AKA the portable DVD player. She said that Daddy said that, "She could look out the window and that is just boring!" I went on-line and found some car bingo cards to print out for her. She continued to fit, so I took the privilege of the Leapster going with us and told her that she could take some coloring books and crayons and that was it.

K- was good in Amish Country. We stopped in at the bulk food store, where I fetched things not only for us, but canned items for Christmas gifts, spices for the demo at work, spices and sprinkles for my sister & mom and a variety of food items for our consumption.

We cruised by our favorite restaurant for lunch. We left stuffed. I decided that since they had just ended the breakfast, but still had the breakfast bar items available with the salad bar, that was what I would get. K- and Hubs both got turkey and potatoes. It was the most delicious meal we ever had there yet! I also ate the most wonderful cinnamon roll ever. I'll be dreaming about it for sometime.

After, we stopped by the chocolate factory to finish off Hubs' coworkers Christmas gift (he drew the name of the one real picky person), picked up something for a coworker and a snack (of course) and we pressed onward.

Completely by accident, we took the scenic tour on our way to the vegetable stand. We weren't holding out much hope that it would be open, but we thought we would give it a shot. When we finally reached the hill where they have their sign of availability, they were open and had a lot of great stuff left! They had all kinds of squash (not crook neck or patty pan), pumpkins and mums. We opted to buy orange cauliflower, 5 pounds of potatoes and the bunch of Indian corn that K- loved.

We cruised by the bakery and with the amount of folks there, you would have thought that they were giving things away.

Hubs stopped in at this favorite outdoor boot store with hopes of getting Aquaseal and a hat. Of course after he got home, he discovered that he had more than enough Aquaseal and was able to find his hats that were missing. That's okay. He needed a good hat and he has decided to gift the container of Aquaseal to his boss for Christmas. (What do you buy a single man who needs nothing?)

We made the haul back home and that is where the real fun with K- began. I told K- that she needed to go in to make her bed and straighten her room. When I was working late last week, she opted to use her desk as a dumping ground and things were literally sliding off the desk and onto the floor. That is not okay. She used to always make her bed. I let her slide when getting used to get ready to go to school (I know I shouldn't have and learned my lesson), so she has been bed making resistant. She fussed, yelled, was demanding and giving "if you don't do - -, then I won't do - - ." Um, I don't operate that way. In the end, she had several time-out's, a few triples, a couple of doubles and a single or two. I think that all the 5 1/2 minute blocks ended up adding up to 10 time-out's or so? She also lost TV, and other little belongings.

The need to straighten lopped on over to Sunday, so she wasn't all that pleased. We had our Jesse Tree ornament exchange Sunday evening, and she nearly missed it because of bad behavior. In the end, she pulled it around and was able to attend.

Smiles in my weekend:
- Going to Amish Country with my people.
- Finding great gifts for friends and family.
- The cinnamon roll.
- K- finally cleaning her bedroom BY HERSELF and knowing that it is absolutely her responsibility to keep it tidy.
- Instead of doing laundry on Saturday evening like I should have been, I thumbed through magazines and pulled out lovely recipes. I tried one on Sunday evening. I made a lovely Alfredo sauce (easy) and used my Garlic Parsley noodles that I purchased while in Amish Country. The orange cauliflower was tossed in. Delicious!
- Trying to get back on track with the laundry. Speaking of, I need to excuse myself so that I may deposit another load into the washer.

Have a great week!

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Rach said...

Nose breath, huh? Yeah, I don't think I'd be much up for nose breath first thing in the morning either. Blech. :oP

I always tell myself that my headstrong girlies will do well later in life. I *have* to tell myself that, otherwise, I just might toss them out a window or something. Oy. I understand your situations with K all too well. Boy howdy was Han my hardheaded one. Whew.

The pasta alfredo with orange cauliflower sounds absolutely delicious! Yummo!

Here's hoping K's in a better frame of mind now that the school week has begun.