Monday, November 2, 2009

Our dentist would be proud and other fine stories of the weekend

When your child with dental issues fetches a haul like this on Halloween weekend . . . . . . you bribe her with a bag of good loot in exchange for all but 30 pieces. We weeded out the non-sugar items/special treats. Then we had her choose 30 pieces, one for each day for a month. I traded her up for a bag of good things that I knew that she would like. The CD set is a sister set to one we already have and she loves. The CD set was $1.99. I scooped up the Barbie outfit for 97 cents, the dry erase print book and cheese dippers for $1.00 each at the dollar store and the stickers were on clearance at Walgreen's for 24 cents each with the Cow Tale as a check out bonus. She was happy with the trade and the dentist will love us, too!

Hubs is down with a cold, but still fully functional. In order to keep his germs to himself, he decided to skip church. He slept in, then took down all the halloween decorations including the haunted house he built with K- in the basement. Her play area is freed! :)!

I took K- to her very first roller skating party tonight. One of the girls in her class invited all of the kids to her birthday party tonight. Only a few of them showed. I don't know if that is typical or not, but K- was happy with the kids who did show up. It was the first time K- was on roller skates. She started with the spastic skate feet. She rolled over both of my feet multiple times, and I'm glad that I opted to wear the thicker leather Birkenstocks as opposed to my fabric Sauconys. She had so much fun. Truly, she was on the floor more than she was on her feet. I discovered that she did better when I wasn't with her, than when I was. Everytime she fell she laughed, so that was a good thing. Girlfriend is going to be bruised, though. I know that somehow she lobbed into my thigh and left a long blue bruise on it. But, she was so polite, very good and had so much fun. I was thrilled for her.

I have an odd scalp issue that has returned after a couple of years break. It's like I develop cradle cap in spots along my hairline in front. I know that hairspray can aggravate it, so I'll have to go without hair products for the week, and I've had to return to using an intensive dandruff shampoo instead. My scalp will chunk, chip, flake and seep. Oh, it is quite an attractive issue to have. I could see it coming on last week, but thought it was okay. I hate the scalp issue. It's gross.

I'm not a pocket diver when it comes to the laundry. Normally, everything is fine, though I have been the victim of a pen exploding and more laundered Chap Sticks than I can count. (Those will leave lovely grease deposits on your clothes, regardless to the fact that they are capped.) I decided to throw K-'s coat in the wash before we left for the party. I came home to transfer the coat to the dryer and found that K- had a tissue in her pocket. Duh! I knew that! Still, I didn't check the pockets and should have. I'm hoping that the dryer bounced all of the tissue remnants off of the coat.

K- has school Monday, she's off Tuesday because of voting in the schools, then back to her regularly scheduled educational days. (They can't control who comes in and out of the schools on election day, so they moved the Columbus Day holiday to voting day, in order to be certain that the kids are kept safe. K-'s school is always completely locked, with visitors having to be buzzed in and to check in with the secretary.) Hubs works a few 11 hour days, so I hope he is feeling better. I'm decorating another couple of trees this week, but will be on the long haul decorating gig next week.

In the meantime, smiles are included above and I'm tuckered. It didn't hit me until I sat down, but my bed is looking really good!

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Oh for a video of Miss K on roller skates for the first time. :o) I bet it was a delicious sight to behold. :o)

I'm sorry Hubs is down and out. Colds can lay you out flat sometimes.

As for your scalp issue, have you tried moisturizing? I know curlies don't need to shampoo as much as others because our hair is so dry. In June I stopped using shampoo altogether and instead wash with Suave conditioner. Seriously. I used to deal with a horribly itchy, flaky scalp, and now I'm flake-free. Just a thought. :o)

Hope today was delightful (and that the dryer did it's job on the tissue fuzz...).