Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Adoption Day, 2009

To our goofy little girl who has changed our lives forever,

God had a plan for us. He knew that you were our child before you even drew your first breath. He kept you safe with the doctors and nurses for the weekend until we heard that you were here. He helped us to jump through all the hoops to make you legally our child. What a great gift God gave to us. Thank you for being our wonderful little girl!


Mommy and Daddy

National Adoption Day is a day to celebrate all adopted children finding their forever families! K-'s actual adoption day fell on her very first birthday, December 20, 2004. It was so neat that it fell on her birthday! What a great first birthday gift! :)

For information regarding domestic county adoption or foster parenting, please contact your local Children's Board of Services.


Rach said...

Happy Adoption Day! You are truly blessed. What a beautiful little girl your K is. :o)

Jamie said...

Happy Adoption day (a day late)!