Friday, November 13, 2009


"I really need to rest my eyes. And my face. You know, it gets tired from having to look at each other all day." (Speaking of school.)

Amen to that, my friend. Amen.

One last day of work. I've obligated myself to one last short shift while K- is in school. Heaven help me now. The fun part of my day? My brother called me as I was standing in line at McD's for breakfast (not a norm for me) to say that the gallery was a feature on one of the morning news stations. "You are kidding me." "No, no. They are there." "Fantastic. I'm going in to set the ceiling above the front desk and the news team will get a shot of my butt on camera."

I got to work. I find that they would have loved to do a nice bit about all of the wonderful trees that I decorated, but they couldn't because the place was a wreck and the news crew couldn't get the camera in!

They forgot to tell us. Our store oozes Christmas. Oozes. I got a mention in Cleveland Magazine for tree decorating at the gallery and THEY FORGOT TO TELL US! Both owners knew and the gallery manager. I understand the owners forgetting to tell us, but the manager didn't say a thing!

They apologized, though. In fact, my boss felt horrible and said that she was "Sorry. I really scre*wed up." You know, it did my heart some good to have them know how important that would have been for us. Oh well. The gallery got some free press. People will come. They'll see my trees. They'll buy our stuff.

With that, I'm ready to hit the sack. I'm not used to a 5 day work week.

Have a great weekend. Stay dry, Rachael!

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Rach said...

I'm totally with K on that one! Totally.

Hooray and yet, poop on the news feature. That really is wonderful and yet it really stinks. Crud.

You hang in there too. Extra work when you're not used to it is utterly exhausting.

I'm staying put until the rains pass through--thank goodness! Thanks for the dry wishes. :o)