Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good things to share

Other than the fact that this picture didn't seem this dark before, I finally chose new pillows for our couch. If you remember from last year, our new couch came damaged and included incredibly ugly pillows. I mean, I don't know what they were thinking when they were choosing the fabric. Just look: I have to tell you that the new pillows were an incredible steal. They came from an LL Bean Daily Markdown sale. Their regular price is $39.50, but they were marked down to $14.99 each. Since we have their credit card, we have free shipping. Since I spent more than $25.00, they issued a $10.00 gift card to be used anytime before mid-February. Good deal! (When I looked for the link for the post, I noticed that the price went up to $29.99! I received two pillows for that!) I figure that I can put that towards a stocking stuffer for Hubs. I scored him some great, thin pants to wear as a second layer or pajama pants. He loves them.

When I came home this afternoon, there was a bag on my porch. It was my friend who borrowed my food mill. She left the food mill and a little package of home baked cookies. YUM!

I should add that K- and I both scored H1N1 shots this evening at a flu shot clinic put on by our city health department. It was no cost, and because I watch my nephew sometimes (less than 6 months old), I qualified for a shot. At first, I didn't think that I would. Yes, we do think that K- already had H1N1, but since they weren't testing and aren't completely positive, the nurse at the pediatrician's office told me that "The doctor is wanting all of her patients to get the shot." They didn't have it, but she said that it didn't matter what flu shot clinic we went to. I asked about it being a two part shot. She said that they are just thrilled if the kids get one. Of course, K- wigged out. (She always does.) I had to restrain her. I hate doing it, but it was necessary. I know you are wondering why I don't do Flu Mist with K-. Given her compromised immune system because of birth status, I'd rather stick with the shot. She did get chicken pox from the Varicella vaccination, so she did already prove that she is capable of getting an illness from a vaccine. I won't get it for myself, either. Our neighbor is a nurse and he's not a fan. Good enough for me.

So, before the flu shot clinic, we self-invited to have a combo dinner with our friends. I normally wouldn't do that with anyone but my sister and parents (because we've all done the same to each other), but we were all going to the shot thing together and Hubs had to work late. I made homemade cheesy scalloped potatoes, brought rolls and some pearsauce that I had canned. Kim made a fantastic salad and had barbecued chicken. Yum. We all ate well.

After the flu shot clinic, we returned to Ford and Kim's house to hang out near their fire pit and eat popcorn. We had a really great time. Immunization has never been so much fun!

My mom left a message to tell me that she found some Pumpkin Spice Instant Jello for me to make a pie for Thanksgiving. (I have a recipe for a two layer pie that she makes. Though I've never eaten it, it sounds and looks so good!) Mom said that it is wonderful and my brother tried to haul off with her pudding, too!

Clean sheets and a husband to help me stretch them onto the bed. No, I don't require the help, but he remembers when my thumb locked in massive pain last year while changing the sheets. He just figures that I still need the help and I'm not going to turn him down!

Walking to school with K- on crispy mornings. Mornings in general, actually. This morning was 28 F. I asked her if it snows a lot, would she want to snowshoe to school? She said no. Where is her sense of adventure?! ;)

I realized yesterday that my daughter goes down to the Nurse's office so often that she has art stuck to the nurse's wall! If there is an ill child, she offers to walk them down. If she hurts herself, she goes to get an ice pack. If her reflux kicks up causing her to dispense her lunch, she goes to the nurse's office. That happened Thursday. The teacher doesn't want vomiting children to re-enter her classroom (I don't blame her), but I've sent a note stating that I would love to "work out an action plan regarding K-'s unfortunate reflux incidents at school." The nurse and I are on a first name basis now! Hopefully, I can convince Mrs. H- that K- isn't sick. Immediately after lunch, they have recess. K- runs and runs hard. She spins. She twirls. This time wasn't school lunch. This time was too much bouncing and such. We've had that happen, too.

A good note to end on:

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Smiles in my day:
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Rach said...

A post full of smiles--how fun! :o) I hope the rest of your weekend went as well. That was quite the deal you found on those pillows--and they are smashing. :o)

Anonymous said...

New pillows are purdy! :) Much more modern than the ummm, interesting pillows the furniture company selected. Very nice! Need to see them in person...someday.