Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuning into just the right weather music

It is rainy, generally damp as a result and a cool 41 F here in NE Ohio. I know you don't care. I just figured I'd let you know. (I feel like an over achiever and thought that you might be okay with a second post for the day.) They say that we are to have a "mix" today which to those of you who aren't so blessed, means snow and rain. I'm good with it. I'm cleaning the house (except for now, of course), I've got my pot o' good smelling stuff burbling on the stove (cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg and some cloves) and I felt the need to get some good music going.

Music? It is something that I enjoy. I'm not generally a big fan of re-mixes or anything like that. My husband? Oh, he'll buy anything with a band's name on it that he loves. I listen to a lot of different music, except for country. Oh, just can't do it.

So, it brings me to the musical bit. Last night, I was laughing as I was reading a review of the newest Metallica album. (What do you call them nowadays?) St. Anger, their last, didn't even rate purchasable for us. Load and Reload was enough to make Metallica dead to us forever. Then St. Anger? Double barf. In the early to mid 90's, we saw Metallica several times. Oh, they were great! Now, they are just a bunch of greedy old guys. Hubs reminded me that he had me listen to the new stuff. It was so memorable that I forgot about it. Ick.

I love Rusted Root, the old stuff. Then they switched what they were doing and now it is dreadful.

Then there is Ben Folds. One day I will see him. We all love Ben! It is hilarious to see K- dance and sing to Ben in the back seat.

The Cure! :)!!!! (There are more, but I need to eat lunch and clean the house a bit more before picking K- up.)

So today's weather has me snuggled into our home, avoiding cleaning at the moment and wanting something musical. I tried Por*no for Pyros. (I hate that I have to * their name, but God only knows what might come up.) My disk is so scratched that the CD players (yes, plural) said no thank you. Then I tried the Bosstones. It didn't feel like the right fit. I looked into my studio that is in great need of a huge purge and there was Cake! I love CAKE! Fashion Nugget! Sounds great, but then the disk wasn't in there. Tracy Chapman was. Works for me. I love Tracy Chapman.

So, how is music working for you these days? Anything you completely love? (I won't hold anything against you if it happens to be Metallica.) Anything that you are disappointed in?

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Jamie said...

I do love Metallica, but only their older stuff. Same with most bands. These comeback CDs just don't make the cut. Except for the new AC/DC album... best ever in my opinion.

Because we have over 1000 CDs, we stopped buying discs but download the song(s). We did buy the AC/DC cd.

I'm not an entire CD type of person, but an iPod suites me. I burn a few songs from a CD, sometimes only one and then put them in my iTunes.

Lately I have been listening to Cage the Elephant and Kings of Leon in addition to my usual eclectic mix. Not really sure if I have a favorite artist right now....