Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Restaurant butter pats

Two weekends ago, we had my in-law's over to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. We decided to have a cookout on our fire pit/grill. Since they brought us corn, we thought it a perfect opportunity to have some roasted corn with our dinner. The fire was all set. The corn had been soaked in salt water for about a half hour. It was ready to roast. Then the father-in-law announces, "What we need is some spray butter." "I don't have spray butter." "Oh, whatever liquid butter you have is fine." "I have no liquid butter. I have sticks of butter." "No, no." "I have a tub of Smart Balance." "No."

Hmm. I went in, feeling slightly defeated that I didn't have the butter that the FIL likes, but the corn was a surprise, so it wasn't like I forgot it. I opened the refrigerator and as the light came on, the angels started to sing. I saw it. My saving grace!


Weird, I realize, but these were the pats in the little plastic package with the foil pull off top. (My aunt receives meals for the blind and doesn't use the butter pats that come with her meals, so she passes them on to me.) They were the perfect size and since they were refrigerated, they were hard enough to hold in the package so that we could easily butter the whole ear, while protecting our fingers from heat and mess. Even my mother-in-law was impressed with how easily it worked!

The butter pats are the perfect size for throwing into macaroni and cheese, quick meal noodles and rices, potatoes and vegetables. No reason for perfectly good real butter to go to waste! I'm so happy to have them on hand when I need!

Smiles in my day:
- I survived my very first PTA meeting and I didn't sign my life away for 10,000 activities. I volunteered to serve cookies at the quarterly awards assemblies, 3-times-a-year RIF book giveaway (they give 3 books to each student 3x per year!), cookie baking for the Post Office sponsored "orphan" Thanksgiving dinner and to take some photos every now and then throughout the year for the year book. Well, I'm also on as a room parent who will help with cookies/craft supplies for 3 parties throughout the year. Easy enough. I help. I'm involved. I'm there for K-, but I also have a life and am able to clean the house and eventually get the kitchen painted.
- Freeing the store of orange sale stickers. I'm so tired of seeing the sale stickers.
- Getting my co-workers so addicted to Oscillococcinum that I had to place a huge order through the Vitamin Shoppe to take care of their needs. (I order, they pay, it's all good.) It was $10.35 for 12 doses. (I did have a 10% off coupon.) That's actually pretty cheap when you realize that the one girl was paying $10.00 for 6 doses. It's good stuff.


Rach said...

Not only do those restaurant butter pats come in handy, but giving them to you, your aunt is not being wasteful. Everyone comes out a winner. Hooray!

Congrats on getting out of the PTA with only a few jobs. They LOVE mamas who work part time. ;o)

Raise Them Up said...

Great idea! I'm thinking the butter pats would be really handy to have camping for the same reason. Thanks for sharing. :)

Life is Good said...

I like that you have included a praying for list on your blog.
Its also great that you have found a use for that free butter. I might have thrown it away, because I hate clutter in my fridge.

An Aquarian Mind said...

I always take that little stuff because I know there will be a use for it later. Great idea using them on the corn!

WTG on helping out at K's school.