Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Red Phone Rang

My second post for the day, but one that deserved a mention.

Remember my reference to the Presidential War Phone? The red phone? Yes, well, I got a call from K-'s school today telling me that she had fallen ill at lunch.


I'm happy to report that though Hubs was worried that the kids would laugh and made fun of her for her digestive distress, she reported that the kids were sad for her. Sometimes kids are a bit more understanding than people give them credit to be.

When I went to get her, the poor thing was so sad and crying. She apologized to me for getting sick. She apologized for a minute amount getting on her shirt. She was sad to miss gym and Mr. Gymsocks. She was sad that she wasn't going to get her Kinderbucks. "You see. They have their heads down and they are resting. I'm so sad that I don't get to!"

Poor dear. I'm thrilled that she loves school that much.

For now, we are on the 7-up diet. Hopefully we can call it the 7-down diet, as up is not the direction we wish to go. The animal saltines seem to be sitting, though a stomachache has started and I'm wondering if another attack of stomach no-thank-youness will commence shortly.

As for the rest of you, may your red phones remain silent.


Rach said...

:o( Poor baby. The kids here ALWAYS feel rotten for their classmates when they get sick and have to go home.

I hope she feels better QUICKLY.

GERBEN said...

Poor baby. :-( I hope she is feeling better! I hate it when little ones get sick.