Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I promised that I would pull this out of the archives. Can I stick to it? Let's hope so. Here goes!

Monday: Macaroni Monday brought to us by Hubs.
Tuesday & Wednesday: Crockpot Kielbasa Soup
Thursday & Friday: Chicken pot pie (crockpot whole chicken)
Saturday: Sammie Saturday-- Chicken salad sandwiches (reserved chicken from p/pie whole roaster), cherry tomatoes and whatever else comes to mind.
Sunday: Crockpot pork chops, whole grain rice and sides.

Yes, I'm dusting off the crockpots. (I have three and there are times I've used all three.) We have entered fall and the many things that happen in fall. M-W, I work. Thursday morning after I walk K- to school, I'm going to try to have a bike riding date with my friend, Kim and her friend. Thursday is my cleaning day and God willing, I'll finish purging the toys this week. Friday I've committed myself to packaging the Fall Festival cookies for church, which is a 9 AM-1:45 PM job. Saturday is the Fall Festival and we are going to hang with Kim, her hubs and their two kids. Since we'll be there all day, I've decided to do an easy dinner that we can just whip together quick. Just yesterday, we started Festival choir. That will be my Sunday obligation from now through the Christmas season. It is from 4:30-6 PM and the first Sunday of the month is our Leadership meeting.

Can we say busy?

I love my crockpot. Perhaps the small group of us that gather here would be interested in having our own crockpot recipe swap? Maybe others would be interested? Let me know what y'all think. Maybe we could by the end of the month? I'm pretty lame at the computer design thing, or I'd make a button. So let's think in print for a moment. Hmmm. Shall we say September 28th for the 1st annual Bailey's Leaf Lovin' on the Crockpot Fest? Y'all, I need some new recipes. HELP!

Smiles in my weekend:
- The game on Saturday! We had so much fun!
- Starting a new study at church on being a Peace Maker. I walked into the study blindly and was half way frightened to open the door, as I knew that personally I would hold myself to attending the entire 13 weeks. (I commit and don't flit.) I was so happy to see that it was something that I could really use.
- Writing messages to Kim's kids on their windows. Later they called me to tell me that I was "busted." Don't worry. I used white crayon and it wipes right off.
- K- continues to read books TO us. Amazing, I tell you. Now, again, it is by sight and with picture clues, but it is working for her. She is recognizing more and more words, though. (She points them out as we read to her.) We have been working with her on sounding things out, but Hubs was pulling out the Dumb and Dumber bit by saying "te-hee" for "the." I told him that once she has it and fully has it, he can goof with her. Not now. He apologized. It goes along with that time that he ran a Christmas Story bit with her when she was 2, showing her how to eat like a piggy. Yes, he had to do some re-programming. Poor guy. He apologized for that one, too.
- 42 people showed up to choir practice! Let's hope that we keep that number up or better! A crowded choir loft is better than a roomy one!
- K- had a time out kind of day. Tired and hungry don't work for her and when she doesn't listen to her body, it rebels and goes against her better judgment. When in an extended time out this evening (15 minutes), she fell asleep. The timer went off, Hubs yelled, "K-" and all we heard was a snort and snore. It was funny then, but not when I had to battle her later to get her back to bed because she had taken a cat nap while in time out!


Rach said...

I like the crockpot exchange. What an EXCELLENT idea!

K's reading is exactly as it should be. When we are coaching kids in guided reading, we frequently have them use the pictures as clues to determine what is going on in the text. In fact, we even take a "picture walk" before we begin the book to clue the kids into what they will be reading. :o) How exciting!! :o)

An Aquarian Mind said...

It's a great idea, but I don't have any recipes to share. ;o( My crockpot was ruined in the flood and thrown away. I don't know that I will be buying a new one anytime soon, but I am curious as to what everyone else comes up with, if I'm allowed to play that way!

Bailey's Leaf said...

We'd be happy to have you! You know that!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Funny, but I did one of these this week too! Didn't help my grocery bill at all and I didn't put it on the blog but great minds think alike. Maybe I'll have to revisit menu plan Monday on the blog too.

Jessica said...

Gotta love macaroni and crockpot recipes! :P

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Have a blessed rest of the week! :)