Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Line Drying Sock Tree

We line dry our clothing, all except for our bath towels. Drying off with the equivalent of a wad of very coarse steel wool isn't that appealing to me. My towel was noisy. So, besides that one dryer load a week, all the rest is hung.

In hanging our clothing, I found that I was wasting a lot of line space on socks. I decided to take three plastic hangers and zip tie them together. I have four clothes pins across the top of each hanger to hang shorter socks. I've made two "sock trees" and they work well for me. Yes, I realize that they sell a schmancy sock hanger in the store, but why pay for it when you can make something that works just as well for free?
The sock tree. Looks tacky, but it works for me!

Smiles in my day:
- Mom sent me home with spaghetti for dinner. She watched K- on Tuesday and wanted to make certain to send me home with supper.
- Long story short, Julia and I had a long discussion with one of the owners and my Tales from the Trenches post is all water under the bridge.
- I made customers happy when I told them, "I have a sale price on that! Let me get it for you." It's a nice customer service and it shows the customer that you are paying attention to them!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Nice socks :) Glad that you and Julia cleared some things up. Hope that makes work a little less high school.

Rach said...

Excellent idea with the socks! I'm totally stealing it. Thanks! :o)

And, I'm SO glad things cleared up at work. Whew! Tense work environments are NEVER fun.

An Aquarian Mind said...

I honestly expected to open this post to find that you use a broken umbrella hung with socks pinned to it.

Hey, whatever works to get the job done!

~Sara said...

Ha, what a great idea! I just started hanging all of my clothes and I just hate socks. This is a great idea though.

N and N said...

great idea! thanks