Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Land of the Measle-Free

Second post for the day, y'all. What can I say? Couldn't leave you hanging!

I am thrilled to report that K- DOES NOT have measles. She has a measle-like rash that is overtaking her babyson body, but NO measles. When I called my sister, I cried. I told her that I had to tell her last night, but didn't sleep well between all of the late night vomiting that K- did and the fact that I was so worried about Leland. I heard her breathe deeply. Wow.

So, what does K- have? She has a virus. A non-specific virus that is running about (or aboot depending upon your locale) that has a low-grade fever for about a week. She cashed in on the no eating for days, limited drinking and full torso rash that is spreading. Advil and plenty of fluids. Dr. P- said that we are on the backside and that in 24 hours, she'll be feeling much better. They did test her for strep, which came back negative, but they are sending it off to the lab just to double check.

This is what I have lying on my living room floor right now.

Nevermind the unswept rug. My sweeper broke.

Now you can see why I was freaked out. When I said that she had a rash, I was not lying. Since she is young and clearly I could get away with taking a close-up of her arm pit, here it is. She has the rash up her neck, down her brea*st bone, along under her bre*asts, down along her sides wrapping under her belly, across her back, along the front of her panty area, partially down the top and back of her left leg, her palms and the top of her feet.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired? So tired, in fact, that I was talking to the Diet Coke 2 liter today. "Hello, friend. You look so glorious this morning." Mommy by caffeine. What can I say?

I'm planning on breaking until Monday. I'll be reading, just not writing. Have a great weekend! Thank you for the well wishes.


Rach said...

Oh, I'm all weepy with relief for you. However, poor little K. That just looks so miserable. :o(

Enjoy your much deserved break. I'll miss ya! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Poor sweet girl. And poor Mommy too. I hope she's feeling much better soon. And I hope the rest of you stay healthy. Have a healthy weekend :)

An Aquarian Mind said...

Whew, what a relief. Hoping that by now she is feeling much better and on the way to getting back to normal.

Love that caffeine... it's been my friend today, too.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry she was so sick, but thank goodness it wasn't the measles!