Friday, August 21, 2009

It hasn't been since 2001.

My best friend, April, took me out to a dinner and a movie for my birthday. (Upcoming. It isn't yet.) The last movie that I saw in the theater was America's Sweethearts (not a really good movie, by the way.) She said that she looked it up. Folks, that was in 2001.

So where did we go and what did we do? We went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. We opted to go with sides because there would be way too much food otherwise. (K- was wondering what Mexican food was, I told her it was kind of Taco Bell and she asked, "Oh! Did you have twist ties?! I love the twist ties!" No, no cinnamon twisties!) Of course, it decided to rain cats, dogs and a variety of other mammals when we were due to leave. We made the mad dash to the car and off to the theater in a somewhat blinding rain that subsided soon enough. But what does a blogger and a blogger attempter (April is having some blog issues) go to see? Julie & Julia.

There were points that I laughed so hard that I literally cried. First we laughed at the older people who seemed to huff and stare at me when I whispered to April BEFORE the movie. We laughed that there were only 18 people total in the entire theater. We laughed at Julia chopping onions. We laughed at the lobster flipping the lid from the pot. We laughed at the aspic clogging the sink.

We ate. We laughed. We had a good time. Thanks, April! I haven't had a girls night out in a long time!

Things in my day:
- My hovering panic attack about work. Because Monday mornings have been bringing me a "talking to," I found myself working myself up about it today. Monday is days away. I need not worry about it. What will be is what will be. I love my job.
- K-'s trip to the dentist was less than fantastic. In the throes of last week's viral funk, she kept crying that her tooth was hurting her. I got her in today and the fear is that she will have to have the remaining portion of the root canal done. (She had a baby root canal AKA a pulpotomy, which stops at about the roots, whereas the pulpectomy takes all of the pulp out. This is if memory serves from my dentistry research from Google.) Folks, she bit the dentist. She also wouldn't cooperate at all, but he understood. The big issue was that she checked out the tool tray as she walked in. She saw the shot sitting on the tray and refused to sit in the chair. Skipping the assorted details, we have an antibiotic for her to take, we'll go back on Thursday evening to have another check and an x-ray done. What Dr. Rick is treating her for is a possibility that the infection that she had last week pocketed under her tooth. There is no sign of infection, as everything is healthy looking. If the x-ray shows nerve stuff, we'll either have Dr. Rick do the 10 minutes of work at his office, or be passed on to a pediatric dentist who will either strap K- to a papoose board or want to put her to sleep for the work. She's good for cleaning, just not so good for work. Dr. Rick said that he understands, as she has had a fair amount of dental work done for her age. (A filling that popped out 4 times in one tooth (twice in the office as it was being filled) before changing filler composite, a nerve died and required a root canal and now this.) He said that he was thrilled to know that it wasn't another tooth, but one we were dealing with. He said that at least that way, her other teeth were holding. We reviewed what we do and we are doing exactly as Dr. Rick wants. Isn't it amazing how K-'s prenatal stuff is biting us in the teeth now?

Smiles in my day:
- I'm getting my hair cut. I don't quite know how. I'm not good at the female priority of hair cuts, changing purses, nail polish and the like (I do my hair and I do wear make-up). When I get tired of my hair, I want it cut then. Kelly was going to cut it today (Thursday), but she was ill. We had to reschedule for Friday. It was a better time for me anyhow.
- I got the baking done that I needed to do for a friend's guitar review. The baked goods will be in Milwaukee on Saturday.
- Hubs cleaned up my mess from all the baking when I was out with April. Thanks, Hubs!
- We made it to K-'s park program today. It was on seeds.


Rach said...

What a FUN evening out! :o) I have been to four movies in the theater since 2001, don't feel bad. ;oP

Poor K--I have a real issue with teeth and teeth related "stuff", so I can only imagine how awful her visit was. I'm SO sorry she bit the dentist.

As for you, haven't they had enough Monday "chats"? You would think they would be done with those. Ugh.

Enjoy your weekend!! :o)

Kaycee said...

Dentists aren't fun for adults, but they really aren't fun for kids. My oldest son was so nervous that he threw up on our dentist the first time he went....that was embarrassing.

An Aquarian Mind said...

Love those catching up fun times with old friends! We need that every now and then.

I hate hate hate the dentist. I had a root canal that went horribly bad in 2003 and have not gone since. I fill my own cavities and will suck up the pain so I don't have to go. Yes, I am a coward.

B has had some terrible experiences with dentists, too. She has bitten, scratched and screamed through procedures. Like me, she just requires more time in the chair than most people and it wears on us.

I've been thinking about changing my hair, too. Thinking of going curly because the waves are just not straightening anymore, so I'll just play off of what is already there.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun! (So did I!) Was nice to have a girl's night out.

I am currently online looking at how long to grill eggplant and how to serve kohlrabi. I am sooo not Julia OR Julie. My little farmer guy seems to make it sound so easy. Wish me luck.

Michelle said...

What a fun girl's night out! I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself like that!